Jumat, 23 Agustus 2013

Cara reset Google Chrome kepada yang asal

Berikut cara reset Google Chrome yang baru kepada yang asal

Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

To reset Chrome’s settings:
  • Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar, and select Settings.
  • Browse to the bottom of the Settings page and click Show advanced settings and find the "Reset browser settings” section.
  • Click Reset browser settings.
  • In the dialog that appears, click Reset.

Resetting your browser settings will impact the settings below:
  • Default search engine and saved search engines will be reset and to their original defaults.
  • Homepage button will be hidden and the URL that you previously set will be removed.
  • Default startup tabs will be cleared. The browser will show a new tab when you startup or continue where you left off if you're on a Chromebook.
  • New Tab page will be empty unless you have a version of Chrome with an extension that controls it. In that case your page may be preserved.
  • Pinned tabs will be unpinned.
  • Content settings will be cleared and reset to their installation defaults.
  • Cookies and site data will be cleared.
  • Extensions and themes will be disabled, but not removed.

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