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T-ara Sexy Love English Translation Lyrics

Kumpulan kpop T-ara tampil dengan album mini ke-7 mereka. Sexy Love antara lagu yang dimuatkan didalam album mereka itu

T-ara Sexy Love English Translation Lyrics

Stop right there sexy love, your secretive eyes are filled with sexy love
I was like an impenetrable fortress but I’m shaking now
My cool-headed thoughts are shaking now
On this electrifying night, your hot eyes are calling me
(And it’s stealing my heart like this)
Stop right there, come to me and accept my heart now
* You really have sexy eyes, sexy nose, sexy mouth, sexy love
In my eyes, everything is sexy
Oh sexy eyes, sexy nose, sex mouth, don’t you know
Today, you’re really sexy to me
** NO NO NO NO can you feel my love, can you feel my heart?
NO NO NO NO can you feel my heart, come to me tonight night night
Stop for a moment sexy love, I don’t want to lose this chance sexy love
Stay by my side, don’t just leave me like this today
As time goes by, the more you enter my heart
(My heart is ablaze with fire)
Stop right there, look at my eyes and hold my hand now
* Repeat
** Repeat
You came to me and stole my heart
Now what do I do? I can’t stop this feeling
In your heart, let let let’s make a bomb
When I see you, I go down up and down up and down
* Repeat
** Repeat

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