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Classic JYP, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, Suzy English Translation Lyrics

Classic JYP, Wooyoung (2PM), Taecyeon (2PM), Suzy (miss A) English Translation Lyrics

Some things are timeless
The things that don’t change even when time passes
Are my eyes and my heart that flutter whenever I see you
The nervous excitement that I felt when I first met you
Is still the same for me – it’s true
Every time our eyes meet, every time I hear your voice
I can feel happiness that can’t be hidden wash over me
Whenever I hold your hand, whenever I hold you in my arms
It makes me go back to the first feelings I had for you
* Our classic love
Like classic music that we listen to
Even when time passes, it doesn’t change
You and my classic love
Like classic movies that we watch
I look and look at you but I keep missing you – it’s classic
From the day you appeared before me
Every part of my life has slowly changed baby
Forever in my eyes, I see you
Forever in your eyes, you see me
I know very well that this is how it is
* Repeat
My love listen, I didn’t believe in eternal love
But at some point, the need for you to become my wife kept forming
I want to watch the sun rise with you
Every one is shocked at my behavior
It’s timeless just like plastic
It’ll never change cuz it’s classic
* Repeat

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