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G-Dragon That XX English Translation Lyrics

G-Dragon That XX English Translation Lyrics

I was walking down the street when I saw your man
(Yeah I saw him)
I saw that my predictions were right
(I told you)
He took off the ring you gave me and linked his arm around someone
I’ll just leave it at that
I don’t wanna hurt you
But you actually get mad at me
Saying that there’s no way he’d do that
(Sure you’re right)
I became aware of you being upset
And I said I must have seen someone else
Yes, I’ll lie for you
(I’m sorry)
* Oh I hate you for not knowing me
I hate this waiting
Please let go of his hand now
When you are sad, I feel like I could die baby
** What does that bastard have that I don’t?
Exactly why can’t I have you?
That bastard doesn’t love you
Until when are you going to cry like a fool?
You look happy when you talk about him
(You look happy)
You look good since you are laughing like this
(I’m happy)
You say that you really love him
That it’s going to last forever
You believe in this and
I don’t know what to say no more
All of your friends know him well
(Yup they know)
Why are you the only one who can’t see what everyone else sees?
(It’s you)
They say love is blind oh baby you so blind
I really hope you will break up
* Repeat
** Repeat
Expensive cars, pretty clothes
Classy restaurants
They suit you well
But that bastard next to you really isn’t it
He does not go well with you
He smiles fake smiles next to you
He touches your cheeks and hair
But inside, he is definitely thinking of some other girl
How could he do that? It’s like a sin
As much as you shed tears, I’ll treat you better baby
The pain you handle by yourself, will you share some of them to me baby?
Please look at me, why don’t you know that your love is me?
Why are you the only one who doesn’t know?
** Repeat (x2)

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