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C-Clown SOLO English Translation Lyrics

C-CLOWN SOLO English Translation Lyrics

I couldn’t say anything and just stood still
I cried for a long time and then opened my mouth
Just give me one more chance
I wanted to hold onto you with these words
Without knowing the reason, I stood in front of you
And after fighting with you like a fool
You left me and I was left alone
In front of your house
* Now I’m solo (solo) Maybe I’m solo (solo)
I don’t ever want to meet a person like you
I wanted to break up
* Now I’m solo (solo) Maybe I’m solo uh uh
(I’m sorry goodbye)
I don’t like you, I don’t like you
Hello, goodbye, solo
Baby, I want
You were the woman I wanted
You were like a fragrant perfume
I can’t forget – like insane
Our relationship has gone past the river
And can never come back – again rewind
I’m sorry, I was wrong
I will disappear before your sight
I guess you hated me because I lacked so much
I try to understand but it’s not that easy
You’re not smiling and you’re just giving short answers to me
* Repeat
** Repeat
Over It’s over, you and me are now over
Love is over It’s over Not lover tonight
Uh Uh I know that I really screwed up but
Don’t just stand that and dig away at my tears
Are you really the person that I loved?
We’re not really breaking up
Don’t end things so emptily
* Repeat
We won’t ever go on trips together
We won’t ever sing that song together either
My heart feels empty (still feel alone, so lonely)
Now I am lonely and alone
My lonely, burnt up and tired body
Is now going back to before – solo solo solo

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