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B.A.P Goodbye English Translation Lyrics

After announcing that rookie group B.A.P would be releasing their single “Goodbye”, TS Entertainment has uploaded a special video of “Goodbye” with the lovable Matoki. “Goodbye” is a special single that has been released ahead of their mini-album. In the short 48-second clip, the animated music video reveals the story of their character Matoki, and how it made an emergency crash landing to earth after living on a different planet.  

B.A.P Goodbye English Translation Lyrics

When this world that I viewed easily doesn’t go my way
When I slowly crumble at the despair that I can’t handle by myself
When I keep falling in front of the wall called reality
Oh I lost the way to pierce through the world
Just why why why?
Even when I watch a fun, comedy movie
Why do I have tears instead of laughter?
Only me, why why why?
Even when I read a book that supposed to make me fired up
I just agree with the loneliness
It seems like I’m possessed by something
I keep focusing on the pain because it sounds like my story
Get up once more, right now
* No more pain goodbye goodbye
I will shed and throw away my weakness and overcome myself
Bring me back to me
No more cry goodbye goodbye
I will jump over this world alright
I don’t know the word, “quit” – there’s no need to rush
It’s good, I am just breathing for my dreams
If I fall down, I’ll get back up – if I enjoy my failures, that’s that
That’s right, the world is becoming my side again
Never back back back
Why do so many people think of sadness more than joy?
Run my way way way
Why are people so easily influenced?
I’m worried that I will walk on this path, swayed by others words
Their hearts are poor but I can escape it
I will brush myself off and run once more
Get up once more, right now
* Repeat
Take in a deep breath and let it out
You can do it, keep walking toward your hopes that can be reached
Don’t stop in this shadow of the world
You are more free than anyone else
Failure is what makes me stronger
Fear is what makes me run – watch me now
* Repeat
Let me say goodbye goodbye
I will throw fire in my heart and become the real me (I’ll change)
One more say goodbye goodbye

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