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Wonder Girls Girlfriend English Translation Lyrics

Wonder Girls Girlfriend English Translation Lyrics

I guess you were sleeping, I’m sorry if I woke you
It’s not that I had anything to say to you
I just wanted to hear your voice
I know I shouldn’t do this, I know it’s over between us
But will you stay like this for a moment, for a short moment?
* I’m with my girlfriend right now
I can’t believe, did you really just say your girlfriend?
Is it true? It can’t be
She is your girlfriend right now
Is she listening to this right now?
Do you say that I mean nothing to you now?
It can’t be true, don’t lie
I was crazy too, it wasn’t like me
It was a stupid thing that I would have never usually done
But still, you were sober, you were in the right state of mind
You shouldn’t have picked up, then I could’ve just fallen asleep
* Repeat
She is your girlfriend, I was your girlfriend
That’s not what I wanted to hear
I know even if you don’t say it
If things just pass like this, is it over?
Is it nothing to you?
Is that it? Baby don’t lie
Loving me, forgetting me, making it be like nothing
Is it that easy for you? Is that how you empty me out?
Is that how you erase me?
Yes, call me crazy but I still can’t forget you
Say that I’m talking crazy
I won’t remember this tomorrow anyway
* Repeat

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