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U-KISS Believe English Translation Lyrics

U-KISS has released their special album, ‘THE SPECIAL TO KISSME‘! Idol group U-KISS who made their return to the Korean music industry after releasing their sixth mini-album ‘DORA DORA‘ back in April of 2012 has also just dropped their first special album, ‘THE SPECIAL TO KISSME’. Their title song “Believe” is an upbeat, exciting track that displays the members’ unique musical styles, as well as their growth. The lyrics sing of a determined man who wants to change so that the woman he loves will no longer be hurt by his actions. Ahead of releasing their title song, the boys also unveiled subtrack “Te Amo“, a song by producing team ‘BEATAMIN‘ made up of Nassun & ZENA FAKTERI. The powerful and refreshing track featuring the echoes of the saxophone leave listeners feeling as though they’ve escaped to a trendy Latin nightclub.

U-KISS Believe English Translation Lyrics

Hey ladies and gentlemen
Want you to listen
Wanna know what it is
Hear this yeah
It’s our belief
Don’t think that the start and end goes around in circles
Then your heart will be shut tight
At this moment when your heart is about to open
Don’t splash on cold water to make your belief break apart
Because I like you
Because I love you
Why don’t you know how I feel?
I only look at you
* I do believe believe
I believe in you, believe, believe
Please know my true heart, my true feelings
Believe that it’s not a lie
** I do believe you you you (X3)
Please believe that it’s not a lie
You need to forget bad memories
You should never remember them
If you can’t erase them, it’s a problem
Think about don’t hesitate
I believe we could be a perfect fit
I won’t do bad things
See you again goodnight kiss
I completely organized my phone contacts list
I don’t lie to you, like the Chinese character “mu”^
I changed the way I talk for you
I changed 180 degrees, who are you
If there is no trust or belief, then hatred will grow
Let’s not do this, let’s not become like that
I can’t breathe without you
* Repeat
** Repeat
We love each other but we fight again
It’s all my problem, I will change for you
Even if with someone else
Even if you’re next to someone else
I believe you
Even if with many people
Even if you cheat on me without me knowing
I do believe you
I do believe believe
* Repeat
** Repeat

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