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G.O & Mir (MBLAQ) Wild English Translation Lyrics

MBLAQ‘s Mir and G.O. have released their new track “Wild“! As reported earlier, the two members announced their plans to promote together as a sub unit ahead of their first Asia tour. “Wild” is a hip hop track with a funky groove and an addicting melody line. As G.O. and Mir personally participated in the writing of the lyrics, G.O. stated, “We wanted to emphasize the sexiness of the overflowing confidence of men.” “Wild” will be performed live for the first time on MBLAQ’s tour, which will kick off at Jakarta, Indonesia on the 30th. 

  G.O & Mir (MBLAQ) Wild English Translation Lyrics

My friends tell me that there are probably tons of guys chasing after her
But again, I just laugh, for real
So what? I don’t care, I tell my friends
She is secretly staring at me and that’s all I need
Now, today is as expected, a hot night
It’s too hot, be gentle – nuna’s hearts are hard to figure out
My pretty girls, your prince who will burn your hearts has arrived here
Hey you, hot pants girl, are you free today?
You put a lot of time in your pretty makeup, huh?
Don’t misunderstand, oppa is not a bad person
Tell me if you’re tired, here is oppa’s arm for your pillow
* If I smile, you smile too
If I dance, you dance too
You can’t escape me and I don’t want to escape from you
Without anyone knowing, on this hot night
It feels like I will explode – from your red lipstick
To your shining skin, it really makes my eyes dazzle
No matter what anyone says, no one can follow your shapely legs
You don’t have a single flaw, you drive me crazy
Why do you look so dumbfounded, I asked the lady next to me
Your designer bags and shoes? My girlfriend’s halo makes them look like bubbles
Wipe off your drool, you look quite stupid
Don’t covet after me, starting from my size, I’m different from your special someones
The important bounce is different, I can’t be stopped
Sometimes I hate myself for snorting when I hear the girls talk about me
* Repeat
I look at her, look at her, just blankly, blankly
It’s so beautiful beautiful
I really hope you will just come to me
I look at her, look at her, just blankly, blankly
It’s so beautiful beautiful
Can’t you just come to me?

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