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f(x) Electric Shock English Translation Lyrics

f(x) Electric Shock English Translation Lyrics

Electric (Electric Shock) E-E-E-Electric E-E-E-Electric Shock
The electric shocks are flowing down my body
About to faint, risky, electrifying
It’s enough, your love is too much for me
I know you violently value me
Like a black hold (yeah) I get sucked in (haha)
I can’t see the end (yeah) I fall, boom (oh)
Where am I? (yeah) Ding dong ding dong
Who am I? (a-ha) My head is spinning
* The beat is getting faster
It’s beating louder more and more
I’ve already gone past the limit
I’m in shock, e-electric shock
** Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana (Electric)
Nanananananana E-E-E-Electric Shock (X2)
Set the voltage, love me
Don’t shock me without any notice
Don’t crash into me but slightly avoid me
Protect me from this sudden changing world
Doctor (yeah) What is this? (haha)
I’m out of breath (yeah) and I have a fever (oh)
I can’t speak (yeah) in my ears are ding dong ding dong
My eyes are blinded (a-ha) My head is spinning
Electric Electric Electric Shock
This energy takes up everything of me
In your eyes are strong laser lasers
Deep in my heart, the synergy is amplifying
It’s endless, your gauge gauge
Electric (Nanananananana)
E-E-E-Electric (Nanananananana)
E-E-E-Electric (Nanananananana)
E-E-E-Electric Shock (X2)

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