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Dal Shabet Mr.BangBang English Translation Lyrics

With new member Woohee in tow, Dal Shabet has finally made their comeback with their first album showcase at the CGV M Cube on June 5 KST. The girls kicked off the showcase with the full reveal of their music video for their title track, “Mr. Bang Bang“. Before getting up on stage as a group, Woohee introduced herself with a solo stage covering Beyonce‘s “Freakum Dress“.

  Dal Shabet Mr. BangBang English Translation Lyrics

I know you have your eye on me
You’re a guy with no guts
How longer is it gonna take?
Oh ok, Let me make the move
You’re so frustrating, why can’t you say it?
Stop beating around the bush like a coward
I’m about to go crazy
My insides are burning, stop worrying ma boy
Hotter than a shot gun, make your hands hurt
Shoot at my heart, 3 2 1 fire
* BangBang look at me Babe
Stars in front of your eyes, K.O.
I won’t let you go
I won’t let you off easily
** Oh Mr. BangBang, stop right there Babe
Even if you speed off, I got you
I’ve got you perfectly cornered, don’t move a muscle
Don’t be scared, show me your heart
Even if you run away, you’ll only take a few steps
Where are you looking? Only look at me
I’m angry
Don’t check out other girls, don’t do anything else ma boy
More electrifying than fireworks, so that you won’t move a muscle
Shoot at my heart, reload and fire
* Repeat
** Repeat
Though I pretend to be strong, I’m still a girl
Why don’t you know my heart?
With confidence, like a man
Hug me, hurry come on babe
3 2 1 Fire
* Repeat
** Repeat
Oh Mr. BangBang

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