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She'z My Way English Translation Lyrics

She'z - My Way English Translation Lyrics

I'm a girl who's never satisfied
With a haughty face, I look down on every guy
If you come close, I get farther away,
If anyone wants me, you gotta wait for me

I go around with my phone off
If I ignore your texts, don't get mad
I speak however I want, however I feel
If you don't like that, don't even look at me

* I go however I want, wherever I want
I wanna go go wanna go where I wanna go
I'll show myself to all of you, just as I am, feel me alright
Oh however I want, oh however I want

If there's something to fix, that's not me
I'm not the same as everyone else
If I want you, I'll look at you
Then you need to come talk to me first
I'll be the one to start and I'll be the one to end things
If I don't like it, I say it and if you like that, just look at me

* Repeat

Search around and see if you can find a girl like me
Clear out your eyes and look, it's a great fortune to have me
Oh oh yeah yeah, this is why I do whatever I want

* Repeat

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