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M.I.B So It’s Only Hard For Me English Translation Lyrics

Hip hop group M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) comeback with their mini-album ‘Illusion‘ on June 1st. Ahead of this release, they have released the music video for their title track, “So It’s Only Hard For Me”. ‘Illusion’ is reported to be filled with the “electro-hop” sound characteristic of M.I.B, and the title track “So It’s Only Hard For Me” has a unique melody and dramatic rap that complements the group’s musical flavor. The new mini-album holds a total of seven tracks in all, including their previously released single “Celebrate” and its accompanying remixes. M.I.B had to cancel activities this past April due to a tragedy.

  M.I.B So It’s Only Hard For Me English Translation Lyrics

* In Your Eyes I Can See You Forever In Your Life
Look into my eyes once more, I just need you
In My Eyes I Can See You Forever In Your Life
No matter what anyone says, I don’t care, just stay by my side

It’s just, like the game of yoot no ree,
This is past ‘do’ but it’s like ‘gae’
You’re so immature, it’s like ‘mo’
If everything you said was a lie, this is a dilemma
I Don’t Wanna Wait You Day And Night Day And Night
So I am singing my song, rest in peace
Feel my tears like a film about a man and a woman, busterz

* Repeat

Why do you keep doing this, my lady, what you gonna do?
Honestly, I have no strength to finish this puzzle game called you
Everybody says that you’re a good catch (what?)
I don’t know anything, girl what you say?
Maybe all of this has to do with no pain no gain
You always just called me an oppa you know and annoyed me

Hello, you are probably the same as always
Throw away your excuses and your useless pet names
You lie so easily and trample my heart
It was definitely my misunderstanding – I wonder who’s next
It’s a bit hot, it’s a bit heavy, even when writing down my dilemmas about you
I ask several times but the answer is only one, so sad
It was childish but we now disappeared
Now I can stand up without you, I Can Do It

(Baby) look into my eyes
(Why are you doing this) Why are you making it hard only for me
(Lady) Come back to me, where are you?

(Baby) I’m tired now, every day
(What’s wrong) The dawn air is waking me
(Lady) You don’t need this pillow anymore
My left arm is now not yours
But an ugly duckling that has your scent

* Repeat

Leave Me Alone, we have eventually ended
Baby Girl Where U at Ye What U Wanna Do
In case I look back
I’m So Lonely, do you hear me Shawty
I thought about catching you but
I might have another regret later so I’m satisfied with this

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