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IU Every End of the Day English Translation Lyrics

Singer IU who displayed her growth as a musician by writing her own songs for last formal album ‘LAST FANTASY‘ has finally returned! Her new mini-album, ‘Twenty Year Old Spring‘ consists of three tracks and is a gift for her loyal fans who show her unending love and support.

 This is the first album IU has released since turning 20, and it reveals a more honest, and personal side of IU. The Pre-released self-composed track “Peach“ features an acoustic sound and sings of the butterflies that come with falling in love for the very first time. The sweet melody and the lovely lyrics will make fans feel as though they themselves are receiving a love confession from the nation’s sweetheart. Title track “Every End of the Day” written by Park Geun Tae, Kim Do Hoon, and Kim Yi Na is an upbeat, lighthearted song where IU’s beloved vocals truly shine.

The song sings of a girl who wants nothing more than for her love interest to understand her feelings for him. The song well expresses a woman’s desire for a man to make the first move, and the harmony created by IU’s bright vocals and the impressive string instruments is lovely enough to cheer up anyone’s day. “Don’t Like That Person” is an R&B style ballad song that sings of a woman who cannot forget a love that’s been lost.

The acoustic guitar sounds add to the bitter emotions of the girl who resents the man who will not give her the attention she seeks, and the emotion-filled track is sure to leave a strong impression on her fans. IU’s ‘Twenty Year Old Spring’ is the perfect album to welcome in the Spring. Remember to support IU by purchasing the music.

IU Every End of the Day English Translation Lyrics

Monday, Better day
A day that makes my heart rush like the first time
Sunday, Better day
A day when I think about you all day

I get greedy, wanting our relationship to get a bit closer
Just one step, that much closer
My monlogues, my whispers
You might be curious too

* It's because I like you
Even though I have on a cold face
My heart isn't like that, it's a lie
But foolish you makes me frustrated

** It's because I like you so much
Even though I have an indifferent face
I wait again and wonder what I should do
And at the end of the day, I say
I love you

One day, Holiday
A day that I really don't want to be by myself
One day, Cloudy day
A day where the sky is gray as if it's about to cry

Tears come, tears resembling my sad heart come
My heart that I've held back is flowing down all over the sky, all over the world
It's not just because I'm sad

* Repeat

** Repeat

My lips tell lies but
My eyes tell the words I really want to say
The words hidden inside my heart

It's because I like you a lot
Turn around and look at my slow paced footsteps
This is my heart that's waiting for you
If you've watched over me, you would know

It's because I don't know
Tell me so that I can hear your heart
I think it can work if you hold out your hand
But if the reason you hesitate is the same as mine
Please come to me now

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