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A-JAX ONE 4 U English Translation Lyrics

Rookie boy group A-JAX has released their debut MV “ONE 4 U“!
They drew interest before the official release as representatives from DSP Media stated that they spent nearly $42,500 USD on CG production effects alone, which is usually the cost of a full music video for most productions. The music video utilizes a lot of fantasy elements as well as detailed shots in scenes where it doesn’t look like it was touched with CG at all to the untrained eye.

A-JAX ONE 4 U English Translation Lyrics

Look, it’s gonna be something new
Touch, no matter what you think about
Taste, you better run if you can go

Cuz here we go, Uh!

Yeah! (Shout it)
You know what I’m talkin’ about! (Yeah haha)
Now Listen!

I believe in my destiny,
This miracle-like time isn’t an accident
No matter what kind of tomorrow comes
My heart toward you will never be pressed down

I never wanna give you up babe
No matter what they say, I’ll fight for you
Like an endless deja vu
Only you, I only want you alone

There is no love that can replace you
Even if I lose everything I have
Never ever gonna let you go babe

* Even if it’s just once, it’s okay
Trust everything of yours to me
You won’t be able to get out of it
You’re already my everything

** Saying it thousands of times won’t change it
Because you’re my girl
So Let me be the ONE 4 U

I believe in eternity
A chance like today won’t come again
No matter how many scars you give me
I have nothing to fear more than losing you

I never wanna let it go babe,
No matter what you say, I’ll get your love
This heart that beats for you, again today
Only you, I only want you alone

There is no one to replace you
Even if the entire world turns against me
(Oh yeah) Never ever let you go babe

* Repeat

** Repeat

You are my everything, my melody,
You are my destiny, why don’t you know this heart
Because I only have you, I really only have you
Because I can’t go on without you, I’m ONE 4 U yeah

Yeah, Ha! Let’s go, Come on! Listen Up,
How many times do I have to say it for you to understand
It doesn’t even matter what they say, I’ll prove it.
There’s a lot of guys in the world but it’s like a gamble
There’s no guy like me, betcha no more trouble
(Look) Listen, I’ll never gonna let it go (touch)
So that I can give you something more precious than words (shout it)
Girl, let me in, please, let me be,
(Oh, Let me be the ONE 4 U, babe)
Yeah, let me be the ONE 4 U

* Repeat

** Repeat

Let me be the One
ONE 4 U. Love

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