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A-JAX Never Let Go English Translation Lyrics

Idol group A-JAX (formerly known by the temporary name DSP Boyz) has released the music video for their pre-release single “Never Let Go”.

The music video features fellow DSP Media member Goo Hara of KARA. The boys don’t make an appearance in the video so the single should give listeners a better insight into their vocal abilities.

A-JAX “Never Let Go featuring KARA’s Goo Hara Lyrics

Because I only know you, because I can’t get over you
Woo hey yeah oh no

The sight of your trembling voice
I still can’t forget it, can’t forget
It’s still here
After losing my map
I can’t move anymore
Cause I don’t have a place to go back

The person who held your hand
That should have been me

How are you smiling
Oh tell me baby, that it’s a lie

*Because I can’t get over you
My foolish heart and lips only search for you
Baby, I can’t get over you
Tell me why, tell me baby why
Without you, I don’t have tomorrow

Even if I missed you as if my heart was going to rip
I’ve endured it, I’ve endured it
Like you said

The obvious excuse and lie that you will miss me a lot
I believed it all

Baby, the person who hugged you
That should have been me, yeah

Oh yeah
Are you that happy
Oh tell me baby,
Cuz I can’t let you go


If I have one wish,
It is for you to come back, please

If it could come true
I will bet on my everything

Cuz you are my everything
(You’re my everything)

Better than anything
(Oh yeah yeah yeah)

Nobody can substitute you, baby yeah

Cause I only know you
My heart and memory that have been deteriorated
Keep hurting me, yeah

(Yeah, listen)
After a long night, the sun definitely rises
After the rain, we will definitely look for the rainbow
I won’t give up no matter how scarred I am
I can’t, never let go

(Oh baby no more, baby no)

Till death, to me, it’s you only
(To me, it’s you only) oh no
Tell me why, tell me baby why (tell me why)
Without you, to me (to me)
There is no tomorrow

Yeah I can’t believe we came to this,
It’s breaking my heart
Woo hey yeah, oh no

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