Sabtu, 28 April 2012

Ivy Torn Heart English Translation Lyrics

Ivy Torn Heart English Translation Lyrics

I am standing as I hold my torn heart
My tears trickle and flow down
I can't even fix it anymore
Because of you, this scar won't stop

* Just know this one thing
Just listen to this one thing
If you leave me again like this
It's so hard for me

** Please listen to my one request
Just end it completely now
If you leave me and come back again
Then what do I do?

*** It hurts, it really hurts
As I grasp my torn heart
I live like this once again
You don't know this pain

**** You're bad, you're so bad
You stand there, blocking this torn heart
Of mine

* Repeat

** Repeat

*** Repeat

**** Repeat

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