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Taetiseo Twinkle English Translation Lyrics

TaeTiSeo (Girls Generation) Twinkle 

The twinkle, twinkle The twinkle, twinkle

* Even if I hide it, I twinkle - what to do?
It catches the eye instantly
Even if I'm covered with a veil
I obviously twinkle

Other people like the twinkling me too
You need to take caution till the end
You're the one who stole this gem

Always protect my side, only linger around me
Don't take your eyes off me
Fall into my charm

* Repeat

I forget the times of the unknown world
Even when you open your eyes in the morning
Your dream will continue

I want to look good for you
I want to be prettier and twinkle
Why are you the only one who doesn't know my true value?

* Repeat

You're so calm, you're so arrogant
I can't see the end of the line of those who want me
Unbelievably, you're so indifferent
I'm a fallen star from the sky

* Repeat

You're twinkle, look at me, where are you looking?
Look at me - even with dull clothing on
I still twinkle

* Repeat

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Lee Jun Ki Compliment Me English Translation Lyrics

Lee Jun Ki Compliment Me English Translation Lyrics]

If I only thought of you, if I understood you a bit better
If I did this when we were together
Would I have not made you cry? Would we have been happy?
I didn't fall into a bad place and I didn't skip meals

Good job, good job, good job
I just wanted to hear that one thing
I live like this, your naggings that I hated to hear
You won't believe me but I miss those naggings

You need to hurt, you need to cry for your eyes to clear up
Let it pass and see if you can see love
Now I can do better than anyone else
I have confidence to make you smile

Good job, good job, good job
I just wanted to hear that one thing
I live like this, your naggings that I hated to hear
You won't believe me but I miss everything about you

Come back, come back
My love is only you

Good job, good job, good job
I just wanted to hear that one thing
I miss you, I want to listen to you, I want to hug you
Come back to my side, to my side

Live next to me, it's what you always wanted
Compliment me and say good job as you pat my back

Young Jae (4men) Really Once English Translation Lyrics

Young Jae (4men) Really Once English Translation Lyrics

I think of the first time I saw you
My heart hurts at the thought of never seeing you again
If I can turn back time and see you again
I'm sorry - I really want to tell you that

* Will we be able to meet once again really?
When will that come true, really?
As I walk along, in case I find traces of you
I go out to the streets again today

I'm suffering to the point where I can't breathe
But I live with the heart of never being able to see you again
If time stops and allows me to see you
I love you - I really want to tell you that

* Repeat

Where will you be tomorrow?
Aren't you looking for me too?

I really have to meet you
We really have to meet again
As I cry, in case you will be reflected in my tears
Again today, tears fall

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F.Cuz NO.1 English Translation Lyrics

F.Cuz NO.1 English Translation Lyrics

Yeah Better Watch Out We Back In The Buildin
(Say What What) F.cuz (Say What What)
One More Time (Say What What) F.cuz
Turn The Music Up

You're different, you're different, you're different than other girls
So different, so different, now will you only look at me?
My focus on you is because you're so pretty
I'm different, I'm different, I'm different than other guys

Out of the many people who want you, I'll be the leading character
If it's you, OK - my whole life, OK
Because I'm a guy for you

* You are my No.1 Oh, among these competitive people
Like a man, ONE oh, I want to roughly hold you and have all of you
Say me Say me, you are my girl
Tell me Tell me, I am your man
You are my No. 1 oh, let's be together

You're different, you're different, you're different than other girls
So different, so different, when I see you, I can't handle it
Tell me, tell me, hurry and tell me
I'm different, I'm different, I'm different than other guys

All the times that have hurt you, trust them onto me now
Only you, OK - forever, OK
Because my heart beats for you

* Repeat

You are my No.1 Oh, I'm the only man in your heart
It won't ever change oh, I will only protect you forever, I promise
Say me Say me, you are my girl
Tell me Tell me, I am your man
You are my No. 1 oh, let's be together

Ivy Torn Heart English Translation Lyrics

Ivy Torn Heart English Translation Lyrics

I am standing as I hold my torn heart
My tears trickle and flow down
I can't even fix it anymore
Because of you, this scar won't stop

* Just know this one thing
Just listen to this one thing
If you leave me again like this
It's so hard for me

** Please listen to my one request
Just end it completely now
If you leave me and come back again
Then what do I do?

*** It hurts, it really hurts
As I grasp my torn heart
I live like this once again
You don't know this pain

**** You're bad, you're so bad
You stand there, blocking this torn heart
Of mine

* Repeat

** Repeat

*** Repeat

**** Repeat

B.A.P Power English Translation Lyrics

B.A.P Power English Translation Lyrics

You all close your ears and close your mouths
You're so busy filling up your own boats that your roles are stolen away from you
Like a decal , money, power and honor don't change roles
Move, it is time for the anthem of the battle between the strong and the weak
Revolution, this is Guernica  flow
So everyone, keep your head up

There's no more, no more justice
The world surrenders to money
In the shadows of the powerful,
The weak are dying
No, no, no, no
No, no, no this really isn't it
I'm here, we are here, stop

* We got the power, I got the power
Don't yield in front of them
Don't do that, lift your head up
We got the power
Stand up against them and fight
Don't look at me with the face of an angel
It's all a lie

Warning warning warning warning
Warning warning warning warning
Warning warning warning warning
Warning warning warning warning

Are you ready?

Everybody say! Hate you
One more say! Hate you
Everybody say! Hate you
One more say!

One shot!
Anger, it's the oppression given by those who covers the bright light
Two shot!
Those who look exactly like the devil put on a fake face every day
Three shot!
They put on a mask called justice and my ego stands up against them and fights
Four shot!
Go with the rhythm and without knowing, break down those who are trapped in a boundary (whoa)
Now it's time to move (B.A.P.)
Move the crowd action
We will uprise a new wind in this world
Everyone follow us and get out of the way
For the weak, it's all passion

Don't need it, don't need fakeness
Only the wicked can survive in this world
With a smiling face, they appear on TV and trample on young souls
No, no, no, no
No, no, no this really isn't it
I'm here, we are here, stop

* Repeat

Warning warning warning warning
Warning warning warning warning

Everybody say! Hate you
One more say! Hate you
Everybody say! Hate you
One more say!

Bomb bomb follow me
Those with power, follow me
Bomb bomb follow me
Nananana Lalala
Bomb bomb follow me
Everyone become one, follow me
Bomb bomb follow me
Nananana Lalala

* Repeat

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U-Kiss Doradora English Translation Lyrics

U-Kiss Doradora English Translation Lyrics

Every day, I only think of you
I'm going crazy, I can't sleep at night
When I'm with you, I'm happy so baby let's go

* You Are the only one
I will love only you forever
Even if you're not in front of me, I will only look at you
Let's walk together, let's run together, let's jump together
Hold my hand, let's fly together hooo

** For You, I can give you the whole world
For you, I want to do everything for you
I only know you, I live as a fool for you, for you
For you, I can fly up to space
For you, I can go deep inside the ocean
I only know you, I live as a fool for you, for you

Every time I see you, every time baby I'm like whooo
You're like a beautiful melody
And I'm the great singer who wants to sing you
Sometimes I really mistake you as an angel
It sounds like music that can only be heard in heaven

* Repeat

** Repeat

I'll do everything you want, I can fly high, you are my wings
A good love consists of you and me
Don't ever think about cheating on me

When we're together, I feel happiness
Thanks To You Im bouncing like A Kangaroo
Get Ready set lets go 5 4 3 2 1

** Repeat

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Kalau Dah Sayang, Buat Apa Pun Sanggup!

As Salam semua

Kalau dah sayang, kau sanggup buat apa je untuk dia. Walaupun sungai penuh buaya, hutan penuh harimau belang, mesti kau sanggup. Inikan lagi kalau setakat jarak antara Kluang ke Batu Pahat tu je yang perlu di redah, celah gigi je. Cehcehceh! Itu tanda sayang. Aku bersyukur sebab dunia blog telah menyatukan dua hati. Dua hati yang tak pernah pun sedarah mahupun sedaging. Tapi sungguh dia ikhlas menyayangi aku. Aku pun macam tu. Seikhlasnya menerima dia, walaupun banyak kali kena cubit dan rasa tepuk tampar kat lengan. Terserlah sifat ke-cikgu-annya di situ ye. 

tudung sama. itu tanda kita telepathy. sehati sejiwa
Semalam, untuk kali kedua aku berdating lagi dengan Cik Puan Bunga. Tapi kali ni lebih thriller. Farrel yang masih belum baik demamnya menyebabkan CPB terbantut langkah. Tanpa segan silu mahupun disuruh, aku terbukak hati offer nak amik CPB sendiri dari sekolahnya. Uh! Horror jugak sekolah CPB. Bilik guru, nun jauh ke belakang. Kena merentas padang kau tahu! Sebelum masuk tu pak guard tanya :

Pak Guard: Awak siapa ye?
Aku: Saya sepupu Cik Puan Bunga, eh Cikgu Norhayati *nasib baik ingat nama penuh. kehkehkeh*
Pak Guard: Ok, ok. Silakan. 

Terus kau, upgrade diri sendiri jadi sepupu. Celah mana sepupunya pun tak tahu. Tapi kalau pak cik nak tahu, ni bukan sekadar sepupu ni, tapi ni dah macam part-time lover dah. Eh, mara pulak Abang Izal nanti! Dalam kereta lagi dah pok-pek-pok-pek. Berbual itu ini, ketawa menangis semua ada. Macam-macam isu dibangkitkan. Sebagai kawan atau lebih tepat lagi, adik kesayangan *marah Embun Nazura*, aku mendengar setiap luahan dengan penuh khusyuk. Memberi pendapat bagi mana yang perlu dan sekali kala menyakat. Itulah bantuan yang dapat aku berikan setakat ni. Memberi pinjam bahu dan telinga untuk Cik Puan Bunga. Melukis seulas senyuman di bibir. Amboi. Macam besar je masalahnya. Eh, tidak. Cik Puan Bunga tu takde masalah apa pun sangat. Biasalah perempuan kan, we need someone we trust to be part of our life. And luckily she choose me! ;) 

Tak sah kalau tak kenyangkan perut. Kang nanti tak memasal pulak buat konsert dalaman. Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki lebih, giliran aku pulak. Old Town je yang aku mampu. Kalau nak Chillis, Tony Romas ataupun hotel 5 bintang, tunggu aku jadi lawyer ye kakak! 

Tanpa diduga lepas makan dan beli kasut Seha, Cik Puan Bunga hadiahkan aku casing handphone Cath Kidston untuk Cik Berry aku. Honyoh-honyoh comel tersangat-sangat. Rasa macam nak gigit-gigit. Comel macam Adam! And surely, this will make you always by my side kakak. I will remember you all the time! Thank you so much. Meleleh ayaq mata sat! 

Kisah dating kami berakhir di Tutti Fruti. Part paling seronok bila Seha kata muka CPB macam Sabri Yunus. Eh budak Seha ni mulut takde insurans. Nasib baik CPB pun jenis hati kental pesen gengster kampung katanya kan. Jadi mana ada sentap-sentap ni. Kalau nak sentap, aku senapang gajahkan je dia. Heheheh.

Tottaly, aku memang rasa happy sangat dapat dating dengan CPB. Siap main pegang-pegang tangan lagi ni masa jalan. Punyalah sayang. Dah tak ada dah nak cover-cover time makan, apatah lagi time ketawa. Kau balun je. Sebab kau dah rasa dia betul-betul sayang kau. 

Untuk, cikgu cantik aka Cik Puan Bunga, 
       Terima kasih banyak-banyak untuk semua kenangan manis tu. Makin menjadilah ubat guna-guna akak pada kita. Untuk kakak dan keluarga, doa kita sentiasa ada. Semoga tabah dan kuat mengharungi segala dugaan. Sungguh, kita semua diuji dengan pelbagai cara dan Allah itu tetap bersama mereka yang sabar. T_T bergenang. 

p/s: Sayang itu kadang hadirnya tak diduga. 

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Son Dongwoon (B2ST) In the Cloud Lyrics

Talented producer Shinsadong Tiger drew much attention for his first project album ‘Supermarket‘. Now, he’s set to expand on that project album with ‘Supermarket_another Half‘. ‘Supermarket_another Half’ will include tracks “Hub” by 4minute, “Stop” by G.Na, and “In the Cloud“, a solo track by B2ST member Son Dongwoon. The songs are scheduled to be released one after the other, starting with “In the Cloud” which was released at midnight on April 24th (KST). With this new medium tempo ballad, B2ST’s maknae Dongwoon shows the fans what he can bring to the table as a soloist, singing the joys of a man that’s helplessly fallen in love. The pop-style track brings out Shinsadong Tiger’s classic electronic sound, and the repetitive trendy melody line is sure to capture the fans with just one listen. This solo track by Dongwoon serves as a sweet gift to the B2ST fans that are eagerly awaiting the boys’ comeback scheduled to take place next month.

Son Dongwoon (Beast) In the Cloud Lyrics

Hangul and Romanization

In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud

니가 없는 나의 하루는
niga eomneun naui haruneun
생각하고 싶지 않아
saenggakhago sipji anha

너에게는 좋은 것만 줄 거야
neoegeneun joheun geotman jul geoya
언제나 너의 곁에서
eonjena neoui gyeoteseo
너만을 지켜 줄 거야
neomaneul jikyeo jul geoya

계속 너의 향기가
gyesok neoui hyanggiga
코끝에 닿으면
kokkeute daheumyeon
어떡하지 내 맘 터질 것 같아
eotteokhaji nae mam teojil geot gata

In The Cloud Cloud Cloud 몰라
In The Cloud Cloud Cloud molla
오 오 내 맘
o o nae mam
Oh So Beautiful
Oh Beautiful Tonight 자꾸
Oh Beautiful Tonight jakku
너만 보면 터져 나오는
neoman bomyeon teojyeo naoneun
내 웃음이 멈추질 않아
nae useumi meomchujil anha

In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud

너를 보내는 게 아쉬워
neoreul bonaeneun ge aswiwo
발이 떨어지질 않아
bari tteoreojijil anha
한참 동안 너의 모습 보다가
hancham dongan neoui moseup bodaga
다시 널 만날 생각에
dasi neol mannal saenggage
행복에 잠이 드는걸
haengboge jami deuneungeol

이런 나의 모습이
ireon naui moseubi
좀 어색하지만
jom eosaekhajiman
바보 같은 내가 싫지 않은걸
babo gateun naega sirchi anheungeol
In the Cloud Cloud Cloud 몰라
In the Cloud Cloud Cloud molla
오 오 내 맘
o o nae mam
Oh So Beautiful
Oh Beautiful Tonight 자꾸
Oh Beautiful Tonight jakku
너만 보면 터져 나오는
neoman bomyeon teojyeo naoneun
내 웃음이 멈추질 않아
nae useumi meomchujil anha

In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud

In the Cloud Cloud Cloud
몰라 오 오 내 맘
molla o o nae mam
Oh So Beautiful
Oh Beautiful Tonight 자꾸
Oh Beautiful Tonight jakku
너만 보면 터져 나오는
neoman bomyeon teojyeo naoneun
내 웃음이 멈추질 않아
nae useumi meomchujil anha

In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud
In the Cloud In the Cloud

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U-Kiss Amazing English Translation Lyrics

U-Kiss Amazing English Translation Lyrics

It's already 2 0 1 2
get ready to play like the end of the world

How should I spend today in a really fun way (it’s so amazing)
Different from yesterday, different from others
Should I part like crazy (it’s so amazing)
Day and night, doesn’t matter, time is meaningless
Boys, girls, young and old, everyone all night (it’s so amazing)
Hand to hand, we hold our hands
If we can’t get in, we will invade
Boo boo boo everybody shout (it’s so amazing)

*Don’t forget, not alone
I’m here, don’t be you love?
Don’t be exhausted, not alone
Let’s all jump as much as we want, multiple times

**It's so amazing we party tonight
I’m running out of breath, that's get up high oh
it's so amazing, let’s jump
it’s not the end, see the light oh oh oh
it's so amazing i'm going craze
it's so amazing i'm going craze
it's so amazing, let’s jump
It’s not the end, party night

If you don’t play, you lose
Rock paper scissor
And the time to play has passed
Slipped out of the skin, finally
I can’t find you, I’ve tried to find you butcan’t
Reversely, try to find me, where am I
To short to short, all night
I’m short I’m short, carried away
A guy that is hard to look at
Look at me, you’re falling for me

I am a easy man
Don’t easy to get my name?
I’m a typist on the stage
Come with me, my lady



Day and night doesn’t matter, we wander the streets
We gonna party baby (it’s so amazing)
The first impression is gone, can’t find it
this is cool a yeah ??

It's so amazing we party tonight
I’m running out of breath, that's get up high oh
it's so amazing, let’s jump
It’s not the end, see the light oh oh oh

It's so amazing we party tonight
I’m running out of breath, that's get up high oh
it's so amazing, let’s jump
It’s not the end, see the light oh oh oh

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Kau Yang Tak Reti Layan Customer!

As Salam semua

Dah mula nampak habuk-habuk halus kat blog aku ni. Oh, maaf lah. Mood berblog ni entah mana dia merayap pun aku tak tahu. Yang penting, idea menimbun dalam kepala malangnya jari malas menaip. My bad. Minggu lepas sumpah aku bizi giler. Sibuk sampai tak makan. Eh, tipu lah muka aku tak makan kan. Kau jangan sekali-kali percaya. Bila kau bizi mula lah semua benda nampak serba tak kena di mata kau. Pegang itu salah, pegang ini salah. Semua tak perfect. Hati ni rasa nak marah je. Dan di kala itu janganlah muncul manusia-manusia yang penuh dengan aura negatif. Memang kena lah kau! 

Dan alangkah sedihnya apa bila muncul seorang makcik peniaga makanan di Seksyen 14, PJ yang selayaknya di list kan sebagai  "busuk punya olang". 

Kau tengok tu berapa ramai yang pernah menghadapi masalah dengan peniaga Melayu. Aku tak amik pusinglah peniaga bangsa lain, itu hal mereka. Ini orang Melayu, orang Islam yang sememangnya tahu 9 daripada 10 bahagian rezeki bermula daripada perniagaan tetapi ambil sambil lewa berkaitan layanan kepada pelanggan. Sedangkan pelangan-lah sumber atau penentu turun naiknya bisnes diorang. Hamek kau ayat sastera aku keluar.

Kisahnya begini, BFF aku yang nama Arief tu start sambung study master kat UM. Makanya, minggu lepas aku tolonglah bantu dia uruskan tempat tinggal and so on. Dijadikan cerita satu petang yang baru rintik-rintik hujan tu, aku dengan akak aku and Arief minum petang dekat Seksyen 14, PJ.  Kalau yang tahu kat situ ada sederet kedai makan yang popular dengan roti canai, otak-otak dan nasi lemak. Kira ada banyak gerai lah. Ada banyak meja. Dijadikan cerita, kami pun memilih untuk duduk kat meja di hadapan gerai bernombor 54. Masa masuk kat kawasan tu, ada ramai abang-abang dan mamak-mamak dok tanya kami nak makan apa, minum apa. Kira semua bersungguh nak pikat kami lah untuk makan kat gerai mereka. Lepas dah order semua, baru nak menyuap nasi ke mulut ni tiba-tiba ada suara seorang makcik ni...

Makcik: Dik, lain kali kalau nak duduk sini kena order sini tau. Order sana duduk sana lah.  
Akak aku: Ha? Ye ke? Tak tahu lah makcik. Sorry
Arief: Mintak maaf makcik. Kami tak tahu. 
Makcik: Kalau macam ni susahlah. Kita pun nak berniaga jugak.
Arief: Mintak maaf banyak-banyak ye makcik. Kami memang tak tahu. 

Kalau kau perhatikan, aku memang tak menyampuk. Aku duduk diam je kat situ sambil makan nasi lemak. Bila aku lapar memang segala saraf aku tertumpu pada makanan bukan benda lain. Dah telan sesuap dua, aku pun bersuara. Jarak antara makcik tu dengan meja aku tak jauh mana. Kiranya suara aku ni boleh sayup-sayup di dengar. 

Aku: Potong stim betul makcik ni. Dari tadi kite masuk, duduk sini sampai order makanan ada dia datang tanya kita nak makan apa, minum apa? Tahan dia duduk melangok kat situ dengan dua anak dia sambil mengharapkan rezeki datang pada dia. Inilah orang Melayu. Langsung tak ada effort untuk berusaha. Orang lain once nampak pelanggan datang berumpu-rumpu nak amik order tanya nak apa semua. Dia boleh duduk situ berdiskusi macam menteri besar. Than bila orang lain tak order dekat dia, kata orang lain tutup periuk nasi dia. Lagi satu, dah tau kawasan ni penuh dengan pesaing lain yang lagi hebat, tak payah meniaga kat sini. Pergi meniaga yang kau sorang boleh conquer tempat tu. Jadi takde lah customer orang lain duduk tempat kau. Nak lagi selamat, kau tulis atas meja "MEJA INI UNTUK CUSTOMER KEDAI INI SAJA!" baru senang orang tau. Ini tidak, nak marah customer tak memasal. Kau yang tak reti layan customer

Arief dengan akak aku tengok aku kebil-kebil. Aku memang saje kuatkan suara aku. Bukan nak perli, tapi kalau terasa baguslah! Aku rasa ini adalah salah satu perangai peniaga Melayu yang perlu dikikis dan dibuang jauh-jauh kalau nak berjaya macam peniaga bangsa lain. Sikap mengharap rezeki bergolek tu dalam zaman serba moden ni dah tak boleh pakai. Usaha tu yang penting. Even dalam Islam sendiri pun kita kena usaha dulu barulah disusuli tawakal. Bila orang lain lebih di kata orang tu pakai bomoh atau mandrem kuat. Mulalah banyak fitnah berlaku. Diri sendiri ada dicermin dulu?

Dalam berniaga ni, pelanggan lah perlu di jaga. Memang betul kadang-kadang ada pelanggan yang super duper annoying diva nak mati. Itu memang patut kau back-hand kan aje, tapi janganlah tak memasal kau jerkah customer macam tu. Kau cakap cara elok salah ke? Ini orang nak makan tau. Menghadap rezeki Allah. Memang sungguh, lepas daripada tu, spoil sangat mood aku. Sebab aku kesian peniaga Melayu yang tak beradab macam tu. Macam mana rezeki nak barokah?

Sebelum nak balik tu, aku saje dengan Arif and akak aku mintak pekerja yang kita order tadi untuk clean up kan meja tu seperti asal. Than, sebelum berlalu pergi aku pergi kat makcik tu beserta anak-anak dia dan...

"Terima Kasih ye makcik bagi kami TUMPANG SEKEJAP kat meja MAKCIK tu!" 

dan pergi. Yang aku perasan makcik tu tak pandang pun muka aku. Meluat agaknya. Padan muka. Sapa suruh cari pasal time orang nak menghadap rezeki! 

p/s:  Usaha itu tangga kejayaan. Bukan senang! 

Kamis, 19 April 2012

A Pink April 19th English Translation Lyrics

A Pink April 19th English Translation Lyrics

Went up the stage of a warm spring day
I remember my cautious self
It was that day, the day we first met
I still can’t forget

You made us laugh, who were frozen (it’s me,and it’s you)
Will you be here like this always (I willprotect you)

*My love, it’s a beginning again, the time forus to be together
I will show you more, more than the love that I’vereceived
It’s okay even if it’s a little hard andimperfect right now
Your warm heart is enough, that’s all I need

I could hear it, the voice that cheered me up
We have engraved it in our hearts
The only thing that I can give you is this song
Thank you so much

You endured my rough times together (it’s you,it’s me)
I will protect you now (will cheer you up)


Time flew by really fast
Already a year had passed
I will tell you everything that I wasn’t ableto before
Thank you and thank you, I confess to you nowthat I love you


My love, look into my eyes, cause we’re gonnabe together
I will never let you go, even if this worldends
Even if you don’t say a word, just be next tome
Your warm heart is enough, that’s all I need

Jangan Takut Cuba Benda Baru! Its Fun!!!!

As Salam semua

Penat. Sangat penat. Tapi enjoy. Haa itulah perkataan yang boleh describe perasaan aku saat ni. Hehehe. Weekend lepas, aku buat satu part-time job. Simple job actually. Alhamdulillah, dapat lah tambah duit kocek kan. Bertempat di Dataran Shah Alam dan diuruskan oleh Syarikat Shapadu. One of the best oil and gas company milik bumiputera. Dorang punya family day.

Apa yang bestnya? Sudah pasti, aku jumpa kawan baru. Yang sama kepala ting-tong macam aku. Mulut pok-pek tak berenti pun macam aku. Kehkehkeh. Cool. Nama dia Zila. Memang kepochi. So, penat tu terubat lah sikit bila ada kawan macam tu kan. 

Another thing yang memang menambah happening adalah, aku mencuba banyak benda baru masa event tu. Sekali sekala kan mencabar diri sendiri.

1. Bermanja dengan ular. (Ini kalau tak iye-iye mungkin boleh pengsan!)

Nama dia Sepet. Jenis Ball Pyhton. Usia setahun lebih kot. Comel dan baik je. Mula-mula memang aku geli. Tapi dah lama-lama dia ok. Dok belit-belit je kat badan. Bila aku post gambar ni, ramai yang geli. Hahaha. Suka aku mendajal orang. Ular ni bersih. Selalu mandi, kata tuannya. Seorang abang askar yang sangat peramah. Sepanjang 2 hari tu, aku dok manja dengan Sepet je lah. Tiba-tiba rindu Kontot. 

2. Belon Panas

Ini memang superb-fun. Aku sendiri tak sangka dapat naik belon panas ni. Ye lah, selama ni dok dengar orang cite masa kat Putrajaya tu je kan. Fun-fun jugak tapi azabnya nak naik benda ni. Mak datuk! Aku rasa kena bagi pre-caution sikit pada kaum wanita kalau nak naik. Sebabnya, kau jangan mimpi dia ada pintu kat bakul dia tu. Kau kena melangkah bakul tu yang tingginya lebih dari paras pinggang dengan hanya ada satu lubang pemijak. Kalau badan kecik memang senang lah, tapi yang saiz macam aku memang azab. Peluh jantan pun keluar. Aku sendiri stuck masa nak keluar. Aduhaiiii. Walau apa pun, memang awesome sebab nampak pemandangan Bandar Shah Alam di malam hari. 

3. Kuda

Kau jangan harap aku nak tulis caption MENUNGGANG KUDA. Mahu pengsan kuda tu kalau aku tunggang kan. Hehehe. Nama kuda ni Machang. Tapi masa budak penjaga tu panggil Machang, kuda tu dok geleng-geleng. Than aku pun ubahlah nama dia. Aku panggil Macha! Kuda tu angguk-angguk. Aloh comel. Sebab tu dia sudi gambar dengan aku. Deyyyy Macha!!!

4. Emcee

Untuk event tu, jadi emcee sambilan memang seronok. First time aku buat event macam ni. Jumpa pulak dengan abang Suffian, bekas ahli kumpulan nasyid, Saujana dan sekarang jadi juruhebah untuk IKIM.FM dan Al-Quran Interaktif kat TV1 tu. Memang banyak pengalaman dia. Dan aku pun menimba ilmu sama lah dengan dia. Yang baju hitam tu pun hebat. Suara dia best. Dok melayan kepala weng aku jadi emcee. Tak sangka pulak dorang ajak aku untuk jadi dj radio internet. Insya-Allah kalau ada kelapangan, aku pergi lah. Explore benda baru kan. Memang excited. 

5. Ceramah Perdana

Untuk sebelah malamnya, ada ceramah perdana yang sangat best. Tajuknya Cinta Muka Buku. Moderator untuk malam tu adalah Ustaz Fauzi dan penceramahnya adalah Ustaz Zul yang selalu ceramah sambil nyanyi-nyanyi tu dan Prof. Dr. Muhaya. Allahu rabbi. Cantiknya Prof. Muhaya. Suara lemah lembut, cantik dan sanagat memukau pandangan. Aku terbuai-buai dengar suara dia. Ceramah dia tu boleh rasa feel macam nasihat seorang mak pada anaknya. Alhamdulillah.

Memang seronok bila ada event macam ni. Kau akan dapat kawan baru, pengalaman baru dan paling penting semuanya berharga. Kira boleh buat aku senyum sorang-sorang lah bila kenang balik. Penat pun rasa hilang je sebab best moment tu banyak. Yang paling penting, cuba benda baru. Barulah hidup bertambah seronok. As long as, cuba benda baru yang baik-baik lah. Bukan buat merepek meraban!  Ini ada lagi beberapa gambar sekitar majlis. Enjoy ye. 

stay sini. Ok? 
yeay. kakak ccomel. Nama dia Kak Aiesyah. Juga sekepala. 
Ni aku amek masa kat dalam Hot Air Balloon tu. Aku kat balloon lagi satu. 
The audiens waiting for ceramah
Budak-budak main benda terbang-terbang tu. Jeles aku. Masa kecik tak dapat. 
nama dia Popcorn. Final engineering student of Uniten. Sporting sangat. Jumpa lagi kawan baru. 
Ni marching band dari Sek. Tinggi Klang. Awesome guys!

p/s: happy sangat! 

Girls Day Two Of Us English Translation Lyrics

Girls Day Two Of Us English Translation Lyrics

I closed my two eyes because my heart didn't know love
Because my heart was the same, because your heart was the same
Just one for you

It felt good to be in love and get to know you
Only this heart fluttering feeling remained
I filled myself up with you because I kept trembling

* I guess you and I keep resembling one another
They say that you and I, we look good together
Forever, let's be in love, just us two
Every day seems like a dream, you're my everything
Come to me carefully

Because you know love, because you're in love
You secretly embraced my small heart
You embraced me, you're so loveable

* Repeat

I wonder if it's too late for our love story to start
But I've dreamt about it for so long,
Now you are mine
You are the only one for me

I guess you and I keep resembling one another
They say that you and I, we look good together
Forever, let's be in love, just us two

Girls Day Oh! My God English Translation Lyrics

Girls Day Oh! My God English Translation Lyrics

Whoa uh uh whoa
Whoa uh uh whoa

You don't know a girl's heart
Do I have to say it for you to know?
Oppa, this is why you're bad
You don't even know what you did wrong

* You always say sorry, you always say you love me
But I don't believe you anymore, no no
You always say you'll try, you always say you'll be good
But you can't even figure out my heart

You have no tack at all
Oh really, oh really, oh really really
I'm so frustrated, I'm going crazy

Whoa uh uh whoa
Whoa uh uh whoa

All men are the same
They know one thing and don't know the other things

* Repeat

** Repeat

Whoa uh uh whoa
Whoa uh uh whoa

** Repeat

Whoa uh uh whoa
Whoa uh uh whoa OH MY GOD

Selasa, 17 April 2012

Sunye (Wonder Girls) Love Sound English Translation Lyrics

Sunye (Wonder Girls) - Love Sound Lyrics | Feast of the Gods OST

Look at me, so small in front of you
My heart is pounding like this
An endlessly fearful tomorrow is waiting for me but
I take one step toward it and spread my two arms

* Shout out loudly, please shout out
So I can hear you wherever I am
Whenever things are hard, it will light up the dark path
The voice that's filled with the one and only love

I wonder if I know about this coincidence of meeting you
This unknown rush may seem strange but
I take one step toward it and spread my two arms

* Repeat

Everyday seems like moments of miracles
Everyday brings new flutterings
I'm happy that I can walk with you

Call me, please call me
So my heart can always beat
If only I have you,
Who will hold my hand at the end of this road
(It's) heaven for me

Supernova Stupid Love English Translation Lyrics

Supernova Stupid Love English Translation Lyrics

Yeah, Here we go again
Take a deep breath
Cuz this one is real hard
Brave sound

Where are you and what are you doing?
I'm getting nervous all alone again
What are you so busy with that you're avoiding me
Where are you, where are you going, what are you doing all night?

* Stop being coy and pretending to do something else
I'm getting mad - stop saying other things right now
The person in front of you right now is me
I'm sick of your lies (they stop here)

** I was just checking (I was checkin' checkin')
Because I like you so much (checkin' checkin')
I was just checking (checkin' checkin')
Carefully, without anyone knowing

*** Stupi-tupi love - I'm the fool
Stupi-tupi love - it's because of you
Stupi-tupi love - I'm the fool
I couldn't trust you so I checked up on you

Do you love me the way I love you? (I wanna know)
Do you show me off wherever you go like I do? (I wanna know)
As time passes, my love for you grows
The more it grows, the more I doubt
I keep wanting to check your love every night

* Repeat

** Repeat

*** Repeat

Sorry baby (You know I love you love you)
I'm sorry baby (Know that I love you love you)
Sorry baby Sorry baby (I didn't mean that)

Girl stop breakin' my heart
Can't stop lovin' you girl
Girl stop breakin' my heart
Only my heart is hurting

** Repeat

*** Repeat

Dalam FB Lain, Kat Luar Lain...

As Salam semua

Ini kalau aku cerita ni, mesti ramai yang setuju ni. Sure. Ramai yang terkena sebenarnya. Pasal facebook. Aku memang tak nafikan kebaikan facebook. Mana taknya, kawan - kawan kau yang masa hingus meleleh entah mana hilang pun kau boleh jumpa balik. Mamat kelas sebelah yang kau admire gila sampai gaduh dengan kawan korang tu pun kau boleh keep in touch balik. Semua gara-gara FB kan.

Tapi, ada satu perangai umat manusia dalam FB ni yang aku tak berkenan. Naik meluat pun ada. Tak tahu apa pasal. Perangainya ialah bila dalam FB, bukan main dia dalam Friend List kau. Komen dan Like status mahupun gambar kau. Tapi bila jumpa atau terserempak di realiti, amboiiiiiii muka kau pun dia tak pandang. Apatah lagi nak melemparkan senyuman seikhlas bunga kembang mekar. Memang jauh panggang dari api.

Dah kenapa kau ni? Apa jauh beza sangat ke gambar profile di FB dan di realiti. Tak edit pun. Biasa je. Sama je aku tengok. Muka talam ni jugak yang kat FB tu. Takde pulak aku pakai gambar Diana Danielle. Apatah lagi guna gambar Angelina Jolie sebagai DP FB aku kan. Tak langsung kenal aku. Padahal nampak ni. Lagi dasyat, kawan sama-sama sekolah dulu pulak tu. Aku je yang senyum sorang-sorang pada dia. Kawan katanya kan...Kalau alasannya ialah segan, aku tak dapat nak tolong apa lah sebab dekat FB bukan main mengomen, me-like bagai. Apa salahnya kalau tegur secara depan-depan. Kan bagus. Lagi seronok. 

Gitulah perangai manusia. Rencam kan. Kalau korang jumpa kawan-kawan, toksah lah nak sombong sangat. Senyum pun dah ok. Bukan apa, kata nak mengeratkan ukhuwah. Jadi, salam dan bertanya khabar itu kan elok. Tak perlulah hanya di FB sahaja. Jadikan persahabatan itu lebih seronok dan lebih bermanfaat. 

p/s: Banyak udang banyak garam, banyak orang banyak ragam...

Senin, 16 April 2012

Seohyun (SNSD) I'll Be Waiting English Translation Lyrics

As part of the soon-to-be-released Part III of the OST for SBS drama ‘Fashion King‘, Girls’ Generation maknae Seohyun has just released her new single, “I’ll Be Waiting“!

A slow piano ballad, “I’ll Be Waiting” features a 24-part orchestral accompaniment of many of Korea’s top musicians. Produced by RARA-AVIS, the song features a wistful melody. As the youngest member of Girls’ Generation, Seohyun has always been universally perceived as sweet and adorable, but the nature of the song and its raw lyrics reveal the idol’s matured vocals.

Seohyun (SNSD) I'll Be Waiting Lyrics | Fashion King OST

I see you
The one person in my heart
I see you, who I longed for so much

* Can't you see me?
Can't your hear my heart?
I'm right here, I'll be waiting
I need it to be you

** Though it hurts, I smile
Though I smile, I cry
I am here at the place where your memories linger

How much more do I have to wait for you to see me?
Don't you know this earnest heart of mine?

* Repeat

** Repeat

Those hands that softly touched me
That warm smile toward me
The love that made even tears so beautiful
My heart is still the same

I need it to be you
I will stand right here
Even if time passes, even if tears fall
I will wait only for you

** Repeat

Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Sistar No Mercy English Translation Lyrics

Sistar No Mercy English Translation Lyrics

Oh we back yeah, SISTAR
Stop making it so obvious that you're a good-for-nothing
Just quietly turn back, you'd better go
Like this, you're not in my heart

These days, all you say is sorry
Then why do you do things that make you sorry?
Oh I can't know you, I can't stop, now I don't know

Oh even if you're so sorry
You're still with those other girls oh my god
Stop, bad boy oh, stop, bad boy, I'm getting tired

* The more I see you, you are crazy
Even if you cry and cling on, it's over
Oh no oh oh, oh no oh oh, oh no, oh
I didn't know you'd play so cheap
I tried to let you go but you're wrong for me
Oh no oh oh, oh no oh oh, oh no, oh

Sometimes, you coax me with expensive perfume
You shyly confessed to me too
Like that, you were in my heart

Oh but you use those skillful words
With other girls oh my god
Stop, bad boy oh, stop, bad boy, I'm getting tired

* Repeat

Turn back boy and go, we back girls let's go
Turn back boy and go, we back girls Sistar
Do you know who I am? Stop with the idle talk
You're wrong for me, it's over - you just back and go

* Repeat

Sistar Come Closer English Translation Lyrics

Sistar Come Closer English Translation Lyrics

SISTAR So come closer, come closer, come closer
Why don't you come closer, don't worry just come closer
So come closer, come closer, come closer

We don't know where this road ends
We don't know when that will be
But I'm not give it up, people say SISTAR turn it up

Wherever my feet touches, I will go
Though I don't know where that is
So let's get down down sing along with us
We'll come to you, so you can hear my voice closer, come closer
We'll come to you So come closer, come closer, come closer

Jumat, 13 April 2012

Nak Tipu Pun Agak-Agaklah!

As Salam semua

Dah lama pulak aku tak post entry edisi panas hati. Macam Karam Singh Walia pulak. Tapi kalau ikutkan hati memang aku nak panggil je mana-mana wartawan suruh terjah orang-orang macam ni. Keje nak menipu je tak habis-habis. Geram aku. Ceit!

Hari Rabu lepas aku ke Mid Valley dengan Cik Lyeen. Nak tanya pasal upgrading OS5 kepada OS6 untuk BB aku. Pegi 3rd floor (tempat-tempat gadget) than aku tanya satu kedai kat situ. 

Aku: Boleh upgrade os5-os6 untuk Bold 2?
Cina Mid: Tak boleh! Bold 2 memang restricted untuk os 5 saje! 
Aku: Ha? Tak boleh, tapi i bukak BB webpage kata os 6 compatible untuk semua Bold and kawan i pun upgrade. Boleh je?
Cina Mid: Mana ada! Kalau kawan u boleh, u suruh dia lah! Buat apa datang sini?
Aku: *eh kau ni. aku tanya baik-baik jawab gtu. Malas nak bertekak* Takpelah thanks. 

Pegi kedai betul-betul sebelah kedai tadi. Cina Mid tu tengok je kiteorang. 

Aku: Sini boleh upgrade os5-os6 for bold 2?
India Mid: Boleh. Bold 2 boleh upgrade untuk os 6. Tapi kiteorang takde service tu. You kena pergi kedai software. 
Aku: *yesss! aku pun apa lagi terus jerit kuat sikit*. Haaaa boleh kan! Os6 boleh masuk Bold 2. Kalau tak tahu cakap tak tahu, jangan cakap tak boleh. *sambil aku jeling cina tadi. dia buat dek je!* 

Than, semalam aku ke Digital Mall dengan Yaya. Pergi satu kedai kat 2nd floor. Datang seorang cina dan aku pun tanya. 

Aku: Kat sini boleh upgrade BB dari os5 kepada os6 tak?
Cina A: Boleh. Tapi takes time sikit
Aku: Any charges? 
Cina A: Yep. RM 80. *muka kerek macam nak tak nak je layan!*
Aku: Ha? 80? *mahalnya* than any back-up for my data or it will be lost? 
Cina A: Lost. Just like you re-format your phone. Kalau nak back-up tambah lagi duit.
Aku: Hmmmm, takpelah. Thank you. 

Muka aku tak puas hati ni. Dalam kepala dah mula pikir, tak kan mahal macam tu? Gila apa! Pegi lagi tanya satu kedai, betul-betul depan kedai tadi. 

Aku: Sini boleh upgrade os5 to os6 for BB? 
Cina B: Boleh. 
Aku: How much for that?
Cina B: RM 30 only and it takes 20 minute. 
Aku: What! *mata bersinar. murah kot* Siap back-up ke? 
Cina B: Ye, siap backup. Jangan risau. Tak hilang data awak. 
Aku: Ok, deal. 

Aku terus pandang Yaya. See. Senangnya orang sekarang nak menipu pelanggan hidup-hidup. Macam tak percaya aku. Dalam masa split beberapa second, aku boleh terselamat dari jadi mangsa penipuan. Kalau aku taksub dengan Cina A tadi tu, sia-sia ke boleh melayang duit aku gitu je. Padahal benda yang dimasukkan sama je. Aku tak tau lah cina A tu jenis racist ke apa, tapi memang sangat melampau lah harga yang dia letak tu. Cina B tu, walaupun muka macam nak tak nak je layan aku, tapi cara dia bagus je. Sabar layan aku tanya itu dan ini. Yang paling penting, harga dia letak tu memang berpatutan. 


1. Sebagai pengguna, kita kena rajin survey harga. Jangan terus percaya pada satu peniaga.
2. Kalau orang tu kerek layan kita, kita tinggalkan je. Macam kita nak hape je dilayan begitu. 
3. Peniaga atau mereka yang berkaitan customer service, janganlah bias-bias antara customer dan layanlah customer anda dengan elok. Mereka kan sumber rezeki anda!

p/s: entry ni bukan nak melaga-lagakan sesama kaum. Cuma peringatan kepada semua pengguna sahaja! Don't get it wrong. 

Kamis, 12 April 2012

Dating Dengan Blogger Sabah Pulak!

As Salam semua

Dating lagi. Ehem memang seronok. Blog ni memang penyatuan dua hati lah. Tak kira lah kau duduk sorang Utara mahupun sorang Selatan. Tapi kalau ada jodoh, Insya-Allah bakal ketemu juga. Masa cuti mid-sem lepas, dah jumpa dah seorang blogger yang paling cun abad ini. La ni, bila balik KL, Alhamdulillah dipertemukan lagi dengan salah sorang blogger comel jugak. Cute je budaknya. Sopan je. Cakap lembut je. Tak macam aku, cakap macam pakai speaker. Kehkehkeh.

Blogger yang aku maksudkan adalah Cik Lyeen. Dia ni memang dari hari tu dok mengajak aku untuk dating. Sebab kiteorang dekatnya, sebelah-sebelah campus. Kalau kentut pun bau lah senang ceritanya. Jadi, dipendekkan cerita, semalam sempena Hari Agong, aku pun berdatinglah dengan Cik Lyeen kat Mid Valley. 

Cik Lyeen comey kan? 
Amacam comel tak? Haruslah comel kan. Lembut je dia. Taksub aku terbuai suara lembut dia. Part paling best, Cik Lyeen belanja aku makan McD semalam. Weehooo! Suka ;) terima kasih Cik Lyeen. Macam-macam kami borak kan. Dari cerita kampus membawak kepada Sabah semua. Pandai ni Cik Lyeen promote hometown dia, Tawau. Aku lagi meroyan nak pi Sabah sebab macam-macam ada! Aiyoooo feeling naik beloon bah! Aku macam teruja sangat nak jejak kaki ke Sabah. Banyak tempat best je dengarnya  ni ha... 

Lepas dari borak dan makan-makan tu, Cik Lyeen kata nak pegi usha buku sekejap kat MPH Bookstore. Nak habiskan baucer buku dia. What? Belum habis! Bagi kat aku sekeping dua. Sekejap je aku boleh setelkan. Kehkehkeh. Tapi at last, bukan dia yang membeli nya. Orang yang takde baucer buku ni yang beli. 

moga menjadi panduan seumur hidup aku yang sering leka ni
Aku suka terjemahan Quran ni sebab presentasi dalamannya memang mesra pengguna. Dia combine sekali ayat Qurannya dan terjemahan sebelah-sebelah. Tak perlu selak-selak depan-belakang-depan belakang, dan paling menarik setiap intipati ayat tersebut di-bold-kan. Jadi memang mudah nak faham ayat berkenaan mengenai apa kan. 

Lepas dari pergi MPH Bookstore tu, aku rasa macam kosong pulak tak bagi apa-apa pada Cik Lyeen. Aku pun singgah Miss T Shop sekejap.*time ni Cik Lyeen pergi toilet.* Belikan souvenir untuk Cik Lyeen. Segan ah orang berbudi kita tak reti berbahasa kan. Harapnya Cik Lyeen suka dengan souvenir tu. Sebab aku memang suka sangat dengan benda tu, dan aku pun ada satu! Guess what???

Kalau nak tahu, korang kena lah datang Blog Cik Lyeen Cupcakes ni. Tunggu dia update nanti okeh!

p/s: Ehem, dengan sapa lagi ni nak dating? *mencari mangsa*

Sistar Alone English Translation Lyrics

The ladies of SISTAR have released their 1st Mini Album ‘Alone’!
The mini album contains 7 tracks in all and Brave Brothers, who previously produced their hit tracks “So Cool” and “Ma Boy“, worked with SISTAR for their title track “Alone“.

Tracklist :
Intro (Come Closer)
No Mercy
Girls on Top
Lead Me

Sistar Alone English Translation Lyrics

Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo (I don't wanna cry)
Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo (Please dry my eyes)
Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo (I'm fallin' down)
Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo (Without you I'm fallin' down)

So many memories, I wonder what you do
I'm still like this, thinking you might come back
I'm never like this
I've never been like this
Love is so potent, I must have not sobered up yet

*Fell for your so sweet words
Now alone, I'm falling down I'm falling down
I shouldn't have met you
I didn't know it would turn out like this
Are we over this easily?
Why am i eating alone again?
Watching movie alone
Singing alone and I cry and cry
You're gone, regrets are useless
Alone again today
Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo
I walk alone, watch TV alone
I get drunk alone, cry and cry like this everyday
Love was sweet, under the shade of breakup
I can't fall asleep again tonight
Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo

Don't tell me it's over
Hug me, who are you to do this to me
Oh ma boy (Whoo whoo whoo)
I stay up all night crying again


I fell for your frequent cliche lie again
You played with me, who was possessed by your cheap smile
What can I do now? Stuck alone in longing
My heart that you have abandoned feels so hollow, it feels like an abandoned empty street

Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo (I don't wanna cry)
Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo (Please dry my eyes)
Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo (I'm fallin' down)
Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo (Without you I'm fallin' down)

Rabu, 11 April 2012

K.Will Love Is Crying English Translation Lyrics

K.Will - Love Is Crying Lyrics The King 2Hearts OST

If only I took a step faster,
If only I took a step slower
Then we could've avoided our painful encounter
There's no use even if I push you out, now I can't let you go
Even if you want to cry, cry in my arms
Because I will die without you

My heart is crying, my heart is shouting
Because it wants to love one person
I made you cry and hurt you
But now I can't forget you so I'm crying
My love is crying

Even when the world turned its back against me
You stayed by my side
The only things I gave you are scars
I don't even have the right to hold onto you

My heart is crying, my heart is shouting
Because it wants to love one person
I made you cry and hurt you
But now I can't forget you so I'm crying

You don't know how to lie
So even when you brightly smiled
I knew your sad eyes

Love is crying, love is calling out to you
Because I can't let you go for a single moment
Because your smile is my life
Because only you can make me live
My heart is crying

Selasa, 10 April 2012

Nell The Day Before English Translation Lyrics

Modern rock band, NELL, released their 5th full length album after four years, and has seen immediate results on the music charts.

With the release of the album, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh Music, and more all reported that the title track, “The Day Before” swept the number one spot. Additionally other included tracks such as ‘Go’, ‘Standing In the Rain’, and more, ranked in the top 10 as well.

The Day Before
The Ending
In Days Gone By
Standing In the Rain
Losing Control
Beautiful Stranger
Cliff Parade
Hopeless Valentin
Slip Away

Nell The Day Before English Translation Lyrics

At first, it was really hard
I couldn't acknowledge it so it was torturous
But after I accepted it
Now it's just so sad

Actually, it's like this - what use is it to hold onto something that is scattering?
Only the heart will hurt more
But I wonder, what is the purpose of living like this?

At first, I hated you a lot
I cried a lot too
But after being like that for a while, I wondered what in the world I was doing

Actually, it's like this - what use is it to hold onto something that is scattering?
Only the heart will hurt more
But again I wonder, what is the purpose of living like this?

I wonder if we're sometimes standing in the same memory
I wonder if sometimes, time has stopped for you too

How about this break up? Is it withstandable?
Was the pain a bit less since you were ready?

How about love? Is it doable again?
Actually, I'm like this - I'm just afraid

This is all that I can say

Thinking hard about it alone, the words that let you go
It won't ever reach you - the words that let you go
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Hadiah Dari Pak Nil, My Inspiration Tu!

As Salam semua

Ok, ini cerita ohsem. Sangat ohsem. Sampai aku naik gila sekejap. Punyalah tak percaya. Kalau kau nak tahu, aku memang minat nak mati dengan Pak Nil. Sapa tak kenal, entahlah.Yes, dia inspiration aku nombor satu dalam bidang pengacaraan. Ewah.

Dan tak sangka, cabaran yang aku bagi pada salah sorang BFF aku disahut dengan jayanya. Semalam, kat kolej Bestari UM,  Aznil datang untuk satu event mereka. Kawan aku tu, lupa nak bagitau aku padahal siangnya aku dengan dia sehari suntuk. Aku rasa macam, peh menyesal gila lepaskan peluang ni. Gigih pulak lah kan malam-malam datang sana naik cab semata-mata nak jumpa Aznil, jadi aku pun cabar dia untuk dapatkan autograf Pak Nil. 

Pak Nil in action
Tak sangka, cabaran tu berjaya! Fuhyoooo.... gembira rasa hati wei. 

Fateen Innanie <3 Pak Nil

Uh-uh-uh. Terharu nye rasa. Bangga pun ada sikit ni. Alahai, terima kasih banyak-banyak ye Kal. Kau sahut cabaran aku dengan jayanya! Esok lusa, mana tau jumpa Pak Nil in live kan. Amin.

p/s: Aznil pun study UM jugak ;)

EXO-K Machine English Translation Lyrics

EXO-K Machine English Translation Lyrics

Seems like she won't even shed a drop of blood if she's poked
A perfect beauty, a dream-like golden proportions
Her gentle hair
Her marble-like skin is surreal

Is she a doll? Does she even breathe?
As she puts on a mysterious smile

Does she have a voice?
I just can't believe she's a person with a beating heart

* You're like a cold machine
You're a ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, machine
You're a ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, machine
A beautiful goddess
You're a ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, machine
You're a ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, machine

Ah! Yeah!

No matter how much I look, I can't figure out
Her locked up heart in a sturdy safe
Her ripe, red lips
Her glassy eyes don't give me a hint

What is she thinking? Does she even cry sometimes?
As she puts on a mysterious, cold smile

Does she have emotions?
I just can't believe she's a person who is capable of love

* Repeat

(Hey hey) I will figure it out
(Hey hey) Yeah you know
The difficult, password-ridden heart of hers
A locked up room that no one can enter yeah
I will hack her tightly shut door
Gotta get to her heart

Yeah, now I will wake her
Perfect beauty
Woo, now I will wake her
Just watch me make her smile

* Repeat

Tiffany SNSD Because It's You English Translation Lyrics

Tiffany (Girls Generation/SNSD) - Because It's You Love Rain OST

Don't say that you're sorry
Love isn't over for me yet
If we break up like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* I just have love alone but I can't even love
I can't even say the words that I really want to say
The love that is getting farther away
The words that I can't keep - they are making me cry

Don't say thank you
I want to give you all my love but
If we were to truly be strangers like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* Repeat

I love you - what do I do because I love you?

It's okay even if it's a painful love
Even if I erase the last love in my life
You are someone that cannot be erased
Even if it's a sad destiny, I can't let you go
I love you because it's you

Because to me, it's you

KLIA Ekspress. Feeling Orang Kaya Sekejap!

As Salam semua

Yes, mid-sem break telah tamat secara rasmi. Sekejap? Sudah pasti. Tak puas hati? Memang pun! Kena akur. Walaupun, cuti mid-sem kali ni sangat bermakna kerana dapat jumpa pujaan hati. Ewah. 

Kalau aku balik KL, salah satu perkara yang paling aku tak gemar adalah naik tren. Sebab dari TBS nak ke UM, kena tukar dua train. Iyer, memang gigih. But that is the only way yang paling jimat. Kalau nak dicompare naik teksi kan. Selalunya, aku hanya menggunakan khidmat cab bila dari UM-TBS bukan TBS-UM. Sebab utama, harga UM-TBS cumalah RM 15 tapi kalau TBS-UM naik sampai RM 30. Aku pun tak tahu kenapa. Padahal guna jalan yang sama. Oh mungkin pakcik teksi TBS guna minyak RON 97 kan? 

Abaikan. Itu cuma satu luahan hati pengguna. 

Disebabkan, malas melampau *akibat peningkatan lemak tepu yang memang banyak*, maka aku cuba salah satu kemudahan yang ada di TBS. Dah lama kawan aku suggest sebab KLIAXPRESS ni memang super laju katanya.. Tapi tak confident kan. Maklumlah, aku ni kalau bab mencuba-cuba benda baru ni memang payah sikit. Pasal akak aku, ada sekali so why not try kan. Feeling orang kaya sekejap, cuba naik KLIA Xpress. Kalau dah nama selesa, tang harga tu terpaksa lah engkau orang berkorban sikit. Lebih kurang je kosnya kalau naik kemudahan lain. Untuk KLIAXPRESS, for adult RM 4.20 sahaja untuk TBS-KL Sentral. Kanak-kanak tak pasti pulak. Sebab aku belum jadi ibu kan. Tu malas amik port. 

Dengan berbekalkan harapan "nak cepat". Oh yes, memang cepat dan super laju KLIAXPRESS tu tapi ketercepatan aku dibantutkan dengan ketidak pantasan staff kaunter tiker. Ceit! Aku benci kalau orang tengah kerja tapi feeling diva tahap miss world. Lembap nak mati. Memang maki-maki je dalam hati ni woi! Pasal dia, KLIAXPRESS kelihatan sangat lembap ketika itu. Aku terpaksa tunggu next train 27 minit lagi. Oh Damn. Sabar je aku.

Dan, kesabaran aku dibalas dengan keenakan yang maha speechless. Kalau naik Rapid Train korang boleh nap sekejap, apatah lagi naik KTM Komuter kan korang boleh bangun-tidur-bangun-tidur semula. Tapi KLIAXPRESS memang dasyat dan maha selesa. Feeling duduk overseas sekejap. Memang laju. Super laju. Bontot belum panas lagi, tau-tau dah sampai.

Muka jakun
sila abaikan dagu nombor dua aku tu

View yang sempat dicapture

kau tengok seat yang maha empuk tu. tak payah berebut-rebut.
hari Ahad ni lapang macam ni

aku suka gambar ni. effect kat mirror tu macam epik sangat

Kini, rasanya memang aku naik KLIAXPRESS je lah lepas ni. Tak payah bergigihan menapak dan berhimpit-himpit macam sardin. Dari KL Sentral untuk train ke UM (aliran Kelana Jaya) biasanya lengang. So, lepas ni tak payah nak berbasah ketiak lagi. Kehkehkeh.

p/s: Al-Fatihah buat sepupu aku, Ustaz Murad Jaafar yang meninggal petang tadi. Arwah banyak membantu masa ayah aku jatuh sakit. Rupanya, dia pergi dulu. Al-Fatihah.

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