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U-KISS Erase English Translation Lyrics

U-KISS Erase English Translation Lyrics

I won't beg in front of this worthless love
I won't blankly, stupidly wait for you
Erase my mind - just disappear, disappear
I'm pretending to be calm and smiling but
I hate myself for not being able to do anything
I hate myself for not holding onto you

Your calm words make me angry, bored that there is no one to call
I feel like I've been taken advantage and the day passes on depressingly
For several nights, I can't fall asleep
I will start anew, without you, I will be happy
When I enjoy my freedom - yeah I'm a free man
Let it go, let it go, just leave me alone
Let it flow, let it flow, flow far away

I rip up the memories in the pictures
I throw away the promises of being together forever
You were like a nightmare - so sick of it
I can't breath and I can't take it anymore
I want to turn back time and take a step back
I will erase everything of you

All the shed tears were a lie
Even if you ask where I'm going, you never know
Even if I want to hold onto you, I can't turn things back
Instead, I'll try erasing you - you don't mean nothin to me

Over over over my babe girl, I told you told you told you
Don't look back, don't look back and just leave
If only we haven't started in the first place
If only we didn't make those countless promises
If only you weren't there from the start
If only I met someone else instead of you
I know well that I can't turn things back
I am regretting that I met you right now
What we had it was nothing, it's value is dust,
I will erase you, who disappeared - you don't mean nothing

* repeat entire song

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