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Shinhwa Hurts English Translation Lyrics

Shinhwa has finally dropped their long-anticipated 10th album appropriately titled, ‘The Return‘

The members show their growth here as they’re a little more fierce, a little more captivating, and this new album is sure to show the fans everything the boys have acquired during the past 14 years.

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Shinhwa Hurts English Translation Lyrics

I gently lie next to you and engrave your face in my heart, you must be suffering too
With a sleeping face, you're dreaming a happy dream

Even if I smile, I can't smile when I'm caught in our memories
I don't wish the morning to come, so I don't have to let you go

*And it hurts, and it hurts so bad
Our heart and lips say different things, must be hurtful
And it hurts, and it hurts so bad, forever in my heart
You're the only one, why don't you know, why don't you know, and it hurts

Let it hurt, let it hurt, let it hurt so bad
Let it hurt, let it hurt, let it hurt so bad

I tell myself, please don't weaken again, unlike my thoughts and words
So that the ink and tears that have spread in my heart dry up
You break me like a fist of ash, like an uncatchable bird
So I can let go of you within

I turn my head coldly, in the words that I have thrown mindlessly while they weren't our honest feelings
Tear each others hearts, words that we cannot fetch back

I don't love you anymore, I hope you to be happy with that person
It's my last favor, please just go


I finally learned it, how to love you
I don't even know where to start, on how to break up with you
Getting used to everything changing
Living, Giving up many things
I shovel all the snow that has piled up to my heart all night
I take off the smiling clown make-up
I empty the trash folder that can't retrieved back
A maze, I pray that someone will scoop me up

When the morning comes, I will probably wake up from this sweet dream and leave
i don't want nobody else but you, I need to let you go but


I can't see anything because of the tears that have filled up
What was the beginning of the cause, I kept thinking about it
I didn't know, I was wrong, because of my greed, now you're gone
And I want you back baby girl, I want you back

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