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M2 Stand Up English Translation Lyrics

M2 Stand Up English Translation Lyrics

A-Yo! It's time to Rock
No matter how much the world blocks me, I'll go
One Two 1, 2, 3, 4

Go baby! Can't you see it in ma mind?
Don't say that I can't - just stop
You're just too much - I thought I am pretty good
I want to erase all these excuses
As each day passes, as it gets harder to endure
No matter how much I'm trampled on, I don't care
I'm going toward my dreams for a V.I.C.T.O.R.Y
You can't bend my hot heart - don't deny it

I won't cowardly hide
Now I will clash against you

* Stand up, this is the beginning - Fly high, shout out
Even if the rough world blocks me
I can't give up - I'll go toward my dream that I always had
I will shout louder and overcome

No matter what hardships come my way,
No matter what kind of big wall blocks me
I'm gonna fly higher - I will run hard
I wanna make you louder - just scream
I will run out to the stage that is before me
Fools who curse at me saying that I'm too young is out
I want to show everyone - I want to clash against this world
Bump bump bump till the end - go

It won't be easy from the start
I'm gonna go till the end

* repeat

Even though I might fall down sometimes
I will rest for a bit and get up again - open up my curled up heart
Go - now is the time to show you - go - fly high with all your strength
Don't ever be shaken

(Stand up) shout out toward the world
If I go toward my dreams, I'm gonna be a super star
(Stand up) actually, I only know one thing
If I dream, everything will come true - never stop
I'm not afraid, I can do it
With the power of optimism, everything is gonna be all right

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