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JB and Park Seo Joon New Dreaming English Translation Lyrics

Although ‘Dream High 2‘ aired its last episode last week, it left a final gift to its many fans and viewers with an OST track by JB and Park Seo Joon.

The boys who were part of the idol group, I:dn, released “New Dreaming“, which viewers will recall the boys performing in the first episode.

JB & Park Seo Joon - New Dreaming (Dream High 2 OST) Lyrics

As I see my dream growing faint from far away
I was blankly standing there - there's nothing more remaining
I thought maybe I should give up but I get up once again

* How hard it will be, how painful it will be -
I already know but I don't care -
The high wall that stands in front of me
I will jump over it for sure

Step by step yet again today
With all my strength
As I hold my fear and nervous excitement

Though I may sway and be shaken
I can't ever stop
In order to fulfill my dreams

Up until now, my future looked so dark
That I couldn't go after it but now I know
There is that one ray of light so I get up once again

* repeat

This fear that things may end like this was holding onto me
And it gave me a hard time but I will overcome it
In a deep place in my heart, the unstoppable cries
Will take me forward

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