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BTswing Rescue 101 English Translation Lyrics

BTswing Rescue 101 English Translation Lyrics

What use is it to wake up early? Our song will be a hit again
Twitching our toes, exhaling deep breaths

Is there no miracle drug to pierce my vocal chords?
I need someone to rescue me from this stuffiness

* Oh oh Hey rescue 101
Oh oh, kick in that door with your foot
Oh oh, jump toward the world
I leave to find you

** Shout out 101
Find me a good and fresh answer
(Give me a ring a ring)
Bat your eyelashes filled with curiosity and run
(You got a make a chance)
Play piano, strum a guitar once more
(You got a make it work)
Trust yourself freely in the rhythm of BTswing
(Hey rescue 101)

Actually, you have one wish - think carefully
Do you want a voice like Lorelei the legend? ^

Your lips are pouting, your face is getting red
When the hidden fireworks burst in your heart
Please call us

* repeat

** repeat

Oh oh, it's the power of destiny
Oh oh, music is everything
Oh oh, get up and call
Call BTswing and open your door and leave

** repeat

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