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BTOB Insane English Translation Lyrics

Cube Entertainment‘s newest face, BtoB, has just released their debut title tracks!

As previously announced, the group will be promoting double title tracks: “Insane” (a dance track), and “Imagine” (a ballad).

The first title track, “Insane”, has been produced by Seo Jae Woo, who has composed songs for other Cube artists such as 4minute and B2st. The song features a spectacular melody that seamlessly incorporates the members powerful vocals and rap.

“Imagine,” the second track, is a song of a completely different feel as it is a ballad that showcases the smooth, heartfelt vocal abilities of the group.

BtoB is taking unconventional steps with their debut as it’s not heard of for rookie groups to debut with double title tracks, especially those of different genres. With the release of these title tracks, the group will begin their official debut promotions starting with the ‘BtoB Premium Launching Show’, which will be aired through their official YouTube channel starting later today at 3 p.m. KST.

BTOB Insane English Translation Lyrics

(Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Baby without you)

When I walked you back home, it was the house of another guy
I felt like you always walked a bit farther from me when there were a lot of people
Just like a big balloon shrinking down, we have cooled down
I can't hide my frustrated heart
What went wrong?

It's always the same as last night - you turn away from me
I'm so tired of me always being the clingy one
Because to me, it was always you - I always trusted you
So every night it's lonely, miserable, tiring

* I will leave for you so I will get to hate you
Now I won't cling onto you anymore
I'm gonna be better - it's better if I'm not here
Especially today, you have so many secrets

** You make me go insane
She gives me so much pain
I won't be back again I wanna hate you
(You always pretend nothing is wrong
Did you have to pick up the phone right now?)
You make me go insane
She gives me so much pain
I won't be back again

Every night, you always turn away from me
(Going back before I met you - ridin now, say goodbye)
Although it's hard to let you go without regret

It still hasn't hit me yet about you
The promises we made are gone with the wind
The only remaining thing is your cold eyes
Like a wretch, I still miss your smile
I hate myself for that -
I still can't acknowledge that it's the end for you and me
I wish I could die

* repeat

** repeat

The memories of when I first saw you become faint
The love swing has stopped
I board the train that will never come back
I'll let you go I'll let you go…

I'll throw it all away, now I'll let it all go
You can leave now
Don't ever look for me - though my heart hurts
So I can forget you

* repeat

** repeat

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