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B1A4 You Are My Girl English Translation Lyrics

B1A4 You Are My Girl English Translation Lyrics

It's already been a year since we met
It was love at first sight and we came all this way
I won't let go of these two hands that I'm holding - promise
Let`s go baby

Oh, more than the stars in the night sky
More than the grassy plains next to the blue sea
You shine - oh my god
No matter how much I look, there's nothing better
Stay by me till the end - be a place of rest to my nervous heart
Now firmly hold my hand and look at my eyes

So that you'll never cry, I'll risk everything and only look at you
Don't let your eyes wander - be just like a sunflower
(Please stay by me just as you are right now)

* I love you, I love you
It's not enough with those words
When I'm tired and exhausted
I see your eyes and I smile again my baby

** You are my girl, you know
(go go you are my baby)
For you, who was sent by the heavens

I love you girl, you know
(go go you are my baby)
My very thankful love - let's go baby

*** Faster faster girl I need you faster
Faster faster - so precious - I need her
Faster faster girl I love you faster
My one and only love is you baby

Yeah yeah yeah
You're a shield to those rough waves
You let down a rope when I was suffering
Oh my dear
When it's hard and hard and tiring and tiring
When tears come to your eyes
I will always be behind you
Love at first sight, an encounter of fate - love ya

When things are hard, I'll lend you my shoulder to lean
Only for you whenever you need me
(Call me whenever, I will go)

* repeat

** repeat

*** repeat

You alone (you alone) You alone (you alone)
For always, you alone - call me call
Let's fly!

** repeat

*** repeat

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