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B1A4 This Time Is Over English Translation Lyrics

B1A4 This Time Is Over English Translation Lyrics

I feel like everything is gonna be over if I get over you, wake me up from my dream from now on
I love you and I need you
I feel like I’m gonna go crazy cause I miss you but
This time is over

*Why are you leaving me?
I loved you more than life
I’m still stuck in that love, looking for you while calling you out like crazy

While knowing that I can’t forget you anymore
In this less painful agony, I ask myself if this is love
Like the morning fog, your face is vague, no, it’s fading more and more
Will my tears gather, will my wound heal
After the instant pain, it’s the space that you have left
I leave that space empty, wishing for you to come back
The sound of the music echoes in my ear, it all sounds like my feelings that it hurts
goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye)
My poor lie that is gathered in my tears
This time is over


Come back to me, this time is over
This love is over, this time is over
I call out for you and cry, and a day passes again, this time is over
As if the time that passes, tic toc tic toc, has stopped, rain falls from the sky, this time is over
I’m blind by love, and I still live within you
(come on) goodbye (goodbye) goodbye (goodbye)
goodbye (goodbye) (우리둘만) Goodbye goodbye
The last message after you left, your last crying voice
I love you, I’m sorry too
Why do you make me hurt more by saying those words, this time is over
I want to end this cursed thing, and you
I tell myself a thousand times to live somehow, but it’s hard
You might be mistaken that I have been holding onto you but
But by living like this again and again, I’ll get over you
I become weak in the memories of you
But watch, I’ll show you that I’m over you

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