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Alexander Kimchi Song English Translation Lyrics

Alexander - Kimchi Song Lyrics | Immortal Classic OST

* Crushed red pepper
Put in some garlic
Some pickled oyster (I like, I like)
Even some pickled shrimp (I like, I like)
Kimchi-chi-chi, kkakdugi-dugi
Kimchi-chi-chi, kkakdugi-dugi

Mix some crushed red pepper into shredded radish
Put it in between the cabbage and eat it in one mouth, crunchy crunchy
In Kyungsan-do, it's sesame leaf kimchi
In Jeonla-do, it's uhri-kimchi
In Kangwon-do, it's seafood kimchi
In Choongchung-do, it's eggplant kimchi

I can't live without kimchi
I don't get sick of it even if I eat it everyday
It even goes well with pizza
It's the best nutritious food in the world

** Kimchi kimchi kimchi kimchi, I like it so much
I like, I like, I like, I like, I like it so much
Fantastic elastic, a fantastic taste
I love it (I love it), the taste of love

* repeat

I can't live without kimchi
It's incredible even when you stir-fry it
I meet you at least three times a day
So I'm happy

** repeat

Radish kimchi, green onion kimchi,
Watery radish kimchi, leaf-mustard kimchi
Young radish kimchi, mixed kimchi,
Lettuce kimchi, cucumber kimchi

** repeat (x2)

* repeat

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