Senin, 12 Maret 2012

2AM You Were Mine English Translation Lyrics

2AM - You Were Mine English Translation Lyrics

Tears can be wiped
Pictures can be ripped
All the tangible things can be thrown away

But your memories, our recollection can’t be
Your name and way of speaking that are glued tomy mouth
As if they’re printed like tattoos
Can’t be erased completely

*You, who was small when I hugged
You, who was small and looked up
You consumed regrets and became large
And is filling up my heart
I, who beamed whenever I was with you
I, who still smiled after watching scary movies
Cried yesterday
And cried today
And with a hoarse voice, I keep calling yourname

One or two months isn’t enough
I feel like I’ll be able to get over you after hurting at leasta year, or maybe ten years


You were mine
You always said so


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