Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Welcome Back to B2ST Airline 3D

B2ST‘s first independent concert ‘Welcome Back to BEAST Airline‘ that took place last February will be turned into a 3D movie.

The concert was quite a successful one, where 24,000 fans gathered to see their favorite idol stars perform. It drew more attention as it was also their first independent concert, put on at an impressive large-scale venue such as Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Hall.

B2ST’s agency Cube Entertainment remarked on the 8th, “The performance was turned into a 3D movie and will premiere on February 23rd in theaters all over the nation.”

The movie will not only feature footage from the concert that served as a foundation to their World Tour, but it will also include never before seen footage of the boys backstage, and clips from their rehearsals as well.

“B2ST’s World Tour has officially kicked off,” Cube Entertainment continued. “This movie will serve as a good gift to the fans who want to remember the emotions they felt at their first independent concert.”

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