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Suzy Miss A You're My Star English Translation Lyrics

Miss A's Suzy has just released a new song for popular drama series, Dream High 2.

This marks JYP Entertainment's second OST contribution for Dream High 2, as J.Y. Park spearheaded the series with Falling. Fans of Dream High 1 will feel some nostalgia once they hear Suzy's voice, as itll bring back memories of her character, Hyemi.

 You're My Star is a sweet ballad that expresses one's affectionate feelings for their lover.

Suzy (Miss A) - You're My Star (Dream High 2 OST) English Translation Lyrics

Dazzling and shining days will come
Till then, I will stay by your side
I will sit on a bench filled with sunshine
And I will hug you tightly

I know your warm heart
That always looked at me from close
You told me, who fell, to stand up again
And wordlessly shone a light on me

* You're my star, the biggest star in the world
Shining a light on my darkened heart
You're my star, the biggest star in the world
Melting me, who was once frozen

I will fly high to that sky
Will you stay by my side too?
I will sit close to the starlight in the sky
And hold tight to your hand

I'm thankful for you, who extended your hand
On my exhausted shoulders,
I was able to wipe my tears, spread my arms
And gain courage once again

* repeat (x2)

Suzy Miss A You're My Star Lyrics | Hangul & Romanji Link

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