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Sunny Hill I Love You English Translation Lyrics

Sunny Hill - I Love You English Translation Lyrics  Salamander Guru OST

*I love you, I’m really crazy
I cry because of you all the time
But I’m smiling even if it hurts
Until my heart burns
I only love you, till death

The love that I have trusted, has broken
And my heart is hurt and broken
Even if it hurts, there’s no medicine
It hurts but there’s no medicine
I can see, even with both of my eyes closed
I can hear, even with both of my ears covered
What do I do, What do I do
I shouldn’t have loved you

**I keep going crazy, you’re driving me insane
I can’t do anything, because of the loving past andmemories
I go crazy because of the thoughts
I feel like I’m gonna die because of you
I miss you like crazy everyday


Love starts with tears, tears that fall endlessly
Even the painful days because of you
I was happy because of you
In my two eyes, I only see you
With my two ears, I only hear you
I can’t do it, can’t do it, I can’t forget you



You don’t know how I feel, you don’tknow how I feel
Why do you keep avoiding me, my fool
I’m so upset, you drive me crazy
I love you, I’m crying because of you


I’m smiling even if it hurts, even ifmy heart aches
Like this, I wait for you

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