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Stellar U.F.O English Translation Lyrics

Stellar returned with “UFO” as their comeback track. Though the title inspires expectations of sci-fi in the MV, there seems to be no hint of alien life. Instead, Stellar decided to run with what K-Pop girl groups do best — delivering aegyo in cute uniforms while showcasing their dance moves in an impressive setting.

Stellar U.F.O English Translation Lyrics

Up to the sky (Sweet Sweet party)
A boy I gotta question (Sweet Sweet party)
A boy I gotta question (Sweet Sweet party so so sweet party Uh)
A boy I gotta question (Question)

My head is stuffy - music is way too loud - everyone shake it the same
Shaking my head no - This place is way too hot (please don't touch me, stop)
Tonight, I'm doing things my style - please don't touch me, stop

* Silently turn off the lights, close your eyes and feel it - can you feel it?
Tell me - let me listen to your voice tonight

** Take me away - Call me out so I can be freed from being trapped
Today, tomorrow and the day after that, with you

*** Elevate me Up to the sky
Up, up, up, up, up, up, up
This feeling that takes my breath away
You feel me now, you feel now

We outta control yeah We outta control yeah
Eh We outta control yeah

* repeat

** repeat

Don't kiss me - I don't wanna wake from my dream yet - fly high
Let's meet again in the same dream - Don't tell me, can't find you
Go find a way Go find a way Not far away Not far away

** repeat (x2)

*** repeat

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