Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Pictures Jessica (Girls’ Generation) J.ESTINA‘s 2012

Girls’ Generation member Jessica, who is currently gaining much interest through her appearance on KBS2TV‘s ‘Wild Romance‘, transformed into an elegant goddess for J.ESTINA‘s 2012 Spring/Summer collection.

For the photoshoot, Jessica is wearing a simple, white dress, which is the 2012 Spring/Summer trend color. Some ruffles were added to accent her feminine beauty. Her outfit perfectly complimented the soft, blue ‘SPLASH‘ bag that sat in front of her. In addition, Jessica channeled her inner ‘Grace Kelly’ to express the rich, classic concept of this line.

The head of J.ESTINA’s strategy department, Song Ji Won, stated, “Many people have shown much curiosity after the photoshoot collaboration between Girls’ Generation, who have shown their skills through singing and acting, and J.ESTINA. In particular, the ‘SPLASH’ line that Jessica is advertising has been very successful, rising to the top-selling item as soon as it was released.”

Meanwhile, fans and fashionistas will be able to purchase the 2012 Spring/Summer collection that Girls’ Generation is advertising nationwide in late February.

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