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Miryo I Love You I Love You Feat. Sunny SNSD

Brown Eyed Girls charismatic rapper Miryo has stepped out with her debut album, ‘Miryo AKA Johoney!. The album is comprised of five tracks, and features a slew of formidable guest features from idol groups to hip hop heavyweights.

Miryo plays with a variety of styles, which speak well to her ability in changing it up for the crowd.

01. Party Rock(Feat. Leessang’s Gary & THE KOXX)
02. Dirty
03. I Love You, I Love You (Feat. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny)
04. Revenger(Feat. Rude Paper)
05. Leggo (Feat. Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha)

Miryo Brown Eyed Girls - I Love You, I Love You (Feat. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny)

(I love you)

We're still young so we don't really know any better
Misunderstandings bloom over the smallest things
Both of our eyes are covered, our hearts are scattered
Our mouths burst with words other than the truth
"Do I seem that easy to you?" Those were your words
Every time you do that, my throat gets tight - now stop
Small arguments get larger like a snowball
Only sounds of resentment spread throughout the room

I guess I was crazy - I was just so angry then
So I pushed away your heart - because I'm full of mistakes
I thought just putting an end to this would be better
Maybe something happened to my head
Every day, I'm tired too - every moment I clash against the limit that is you
Because of the selfish excuses and useless pride
I see myself losing you but still I couldn't hold on
This isn't my true heart

* I love you, I love you - Like a habit, you said that to me
I still can't understand - no way, no way, no way
You said that without me, you felt like you would die alone
But your cold heart keeps telling me good bye

Baby, never ever say it again - how can we be over?
The past times and memories with you are painfully rising
I try to write lyrics for the first time in a while and I go outside
It seemed like a festival out there - I stopped to see some pretty and cute cards
I thought of you and I bought the prettiest one but
I'm filled with regrets because I can't even send it to you bebe
Words that can't ever touch you are just sitting on top of my desk for the past few days
I really thought of going to see you today, getting some courage
But still, I don't have the heart to do it in case you're still angry so I stop
Apart from my true feelings, I can't even do this or that
Memories of long ago, please give me strength
I can't let you go like this, please don't leave me

* repeat

Good bye, good bye, good bye
Don't say good bye, good bye, good bye

Was this all to our relationship? (no way)
Even this very moment, I am looking for you (so wait)
Don't go, don't leave - All the promises we both made after stepping on the darkness, where did it go?
People tell me, "everything changes, it's just like that"
But in my heart, our seat still remains next to you
With thoughts of you, I can't fall asleep tonight as well
Baby I love you

Like a stopped clock, my heart is broken as well
So I can't leave you, no way, no way, no way
Without you, I don't think I can live alone
But as if you were a complete stranger, you say to me

Good bye, good bye, good bye
Don't say good bye, good bye, good bye

Good bye (I love you) good bye (I love you) good bye (I love you)
Good bye, good bye, good bye

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