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Miryo Brown Eyed Girls Leggo English Translation Lyrics

Brown Eyed Girls charismatic rapper Miryo has stepped out with her debut album, ‘Miryo AKA Johoney!. The album is comprised of five tracks, and features a slew of formidable guest features from idol groups to hip hop heavyweights.

01. Party Rock(Feat. Leessang’s Gary & THE KOXX)
02. Dirty
03. I Love You, I Love You (Feat. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny)
04. Revenger(Feat. Rude Paper)
05. Leggo (Feat. Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha)

Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) (Feat. Narsha) - Leggo English Translation Lyrics

On this black night, darkness falls on this city
But the hidden truth makes me lift my head
Though it seems like I'm laughing in the TV screen
In my heart, it feels like there's a gaping hole
Brown Eyed Girls MC, my 22 story house
My face is on TV, people recognize me on the streets
I should be happy, probably? Please be honest
In a corner of my heart, I am crying
You, who I wanted so bad, are not by my side
It's not complete, I guess I need you

* Baby you're the only one I dream - can you hear it?
And baby you're the only one I need in my heart
Come to me like a lie, hold my hand
Come to me, hug me, you're in my heart

Though I eat and eat, I'm hungry
Though I rise and rise, I'm lonely
Is this what I wanted? I traded all those times with you
For money and popularity but I don't need any of that
When the lights come off, when the screams die down
I always only think of you
Even if my dreams, my rough breaths want you, I really need you
Please save me from my empty life - now I pray to the gods

* repeat

Like I wanted, you came to me, like the morning of the world
I fill up my heart with you and like paint, it spreads and fills me up
I'm feeling you, you're feeling me
Shout out once again, It's time to go!

Because of you, I am anew, can you hear me? (can you hear me)
Only when it's you, my heart can be filled (my heart)
Come to me like a lie, hold my hand
(Come to me like a lie, hold my hand tightly)
Come to me, hug me, (come to me, hug me)
You're in my heart (baby you're in, you're in my heart)

From the sky, the rain is going down
Crazily, it's falling, going down
From my eyes, it's going down
Drops of joy are falling, going down

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