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K.Will I Need You English Translation Lyrics

After unleashing his digital single, “I Hate Myself” two weeks ago, the talented K.Will has released his newest EP, “I Need You”. Additionally, the music video for his title track, “I Need You” was also revealed.

“I Need You” utilizes the genre of Neo-Ballad and the music video stars SISTAR‘s Bora and actor Ji Chang Wook. The younger version of the couple are two popular child actors in Yeo Jin Goo (Iljimae, Gourmet, Tazza) and Kim Bora (Big Sister, Jungle Fish).

K.Will I Need You English Translation Lyrics

When I heard your greeting asking how I was doing
My heart that I held back became hot again
And I asked myself for a long time if this was really the you that I've known for so long

I was happy to hear your voice for the first time in a year
When you said you missed me, tears kept falling
Did you hurt as much as I did too?

* I need you, I need you
Even if a year passes, if ten years pass, I am the same
I'm a person who didn't forget even for a single day
It needs to be you, you are my love
I can't go on without you, I need you

I look at you as I walk and look again
I look at your hand, tightly holding mine
I let go of it and hold it again, smiling like a fool
We were so small and happy, it was better that we were together
I only think of those kinds of things - why didn't we know back then?

* repeat

I will run to you now and hold you in my arms
I'm running out of breath, I will shout till it overflows

I need you, I need you
A hundred times, a thousand times, I will love you
I won't ever let you go again
I won't leave you because you are my love
I will promise you that I will love you forever till I die

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