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Junhyung B2ST Living Without You English Translation Lyrics

B2ST member Junhyung has now released the full single for his first solo track “Living Without You“,

The rapper has demonstrated that he possesses great lyrical talent on multiple occassions, helping write songs such as B2ST‘s “Shock“, “Fiction“, as well as 4minute‘s “Huh“, and now fans will get to see his composition skills at work as well.

This hip hop track in particular was co-produced by Junhyung and composer Kim Tae Joo, and it sings of a man who must overcome the pain of being betrayed by a woman he loves.

Junhyung/Yong Jun Hyung(B2ST) - Living Without You English Translation Lyrics

Oh Oh I hate you,
I don't have any trust toward you anymore
In other words, it's a rhythm without a kick
In the word of love, there is a crack
I'll shed a few tears out of courtesy
In terms of colors, I guess it's a gray color
Your clear eyes become more and more cloudy
I already felt that we were growing apart
I knew this would happen huh

I feel mo better without you baby,
I'm free got freedom lady
Before, I was scared for a tomorrow without you
But it's not like that anymore, so what I'm saying is
Goodbye Goodbye (oh oh oh oh),
Goodbye Goodbye (oh oh oh oh)
I don't have a single bit of lingering attachment
I run away from you

* After trying this living without you
It's really nothing much
Actually, it's more comfortable baby (I'm sure you're fine too)
Back then, it was life and death, I missed you if I didn't see you for a day
But now that I think about it, it's so funny
Baby (Never ever come back here)

Ya already know, you probably already know but
I'm a lot more popular than you think
So there are a lot of girls I couldn't meet for all this time
So I meet them without a single second to miss you
Is life good without me?
Is your heart comfortable by finding a new love?
I hope you're not having any regrets
Because for a short while, you perfectly broke me down

I don't even remember your voice now
It's annoying when you're face pops up in my head now
You're just a wind that just momentarily passed by me
There is a scar remaining but it's not that big
Goodbye Goodbye (oh oh oh oh),
Goodbye Goodbye (oh oh oh oh)
I feel good right now now and ever,
Cross your arms and watch over me carefully

* repeat

(I feel mo better without you,
I feel mo better without you,
I feel mo better without you)

* repeat

Living without you

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