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Jay Park I Love You Feat Dynamic Duo English Translation Lyrics

Jay Park has just release his new album, ‘New Breed‘!.

Jay Park I Love You Feat Dynamic Duo English Translation Lyrics

Where are you? I want to be next to you right now
I call you but I can't hear your voice

* Though I look for you every day in the place you once were, you're gone
Now I think I know, there's only one way to go to you
Girl all I had to say was

** I love you - though you're not next to me, I want to tell you
I love you, though I tell you thousands of times,
I want to tell you again that I love you

Wherever you are, I will wait for you here
I will follow you even if it's a faraway place that I can't go to

* repeat

** repeat (x2)

Do you know that I'm so curious about you?
Every night, I feel so uneasy
This unstoppable pain from separation is put under anesthesia and undergoes surgery
And left the aftereffects of lingering attachments
Left the scars of longing
If there isn't a miracle of running into you coincidentally
There's no other way to meet you other than in my dreams

Without you, it feels numb even though I walk straight
No matter how straight I walk, you keep getting further
I try to empty you from my heart, try to throw you away but it doesn't work
Only you flicker before my eyes
I froze and I coldly hardened
This dark time that lost your shine is cruelly cold

** repeat (x2)

I love you

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