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Ilac & Monday Kiz Holiday English Tranlation Lyrics

Ilac, Monday Kiz - Holiday English Tranlation Lyrics

Early morning, my eyes open and I open the window
The wind that blows through my hair feels so fresh
It's a holiday without a cluttered subway or a busy schedule

Shall I read that book I wanted to read?
Shall I go to meet some friends for the first time in a while?
Even if there's nothing to do
Even if this afternoon is nothing, it's not wasteful

* Now it's a holiday, my body has free time
But inside my head is so busy all day, I only think of you
Sorry, I guess I haven't forgotten all about you
I try to rest but I can't, yes, because of you

Don't you know, Don't you know, Everything, I guess I'm drawing you out
Missing you, Missing you, Every time, I guess I didn't forget you

Shall I go shopping for clothes that I wanted?
Shall I take my bicycle out?
Whatever I do, no one can say anything
It's not bad being alone, I can do whatever I want

* repeat

Words are easy, so easy but
Say goodbye, it won't happen the way I want

Now it's a holiday, days without you are always
When time passes and passes, in case you come back to me
Lonely, again today I draw you out
I try to go to sleep in case you find me in my dreams

Baby I'm sorry, I still can't let you go
Again today, I think of you without rest

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