Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

EXID Whoz That Girl

The ‘Midas Hand of K-Pop’, Shinsadong Tiger, has kicked off promotions for the upcoming debut of his girl group, ‘EXID‘.

On February 10th, the producer released EXID’s first video teaser under the title, ‘Whoz That Girl‘. K-Pop fans were treated to a talented display of dance moves from an unnamed girl, whose swagger and flow drew immediate admiration from viewers.

As reported earlier, EXID (short for ‘Exceed in Dreaming) is comprised of six girls. According to the description attached to this video, their names are Yuji, LE, Dami, Hani, Hae Ryung, and Jung Hwa.

EXID will release their debut album, ‘Holla‘, on February 16th.

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