Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Davichi I'll Think of You English Translation Lyrics

Davichi comeback with new single I'll Think of You .

Davichi I'll Think of You English Translation Lyrics

I couldn't say hi to you
Because I wanted to be held again
Because I wanted to cry again
I hurried to the back of the alley and hid

Tears are extravagant
This longing for you is a sin
My head tells my heart
Not to look for you anymore

* But I'll think about it again
How could I erase you, who I liked so much?
When this night passes and morning comes again
Again, I will face you then

I couldn't love
The real love is here
My heart tells my head
That I'm loving you from now on

* repeat

The sounds of the raindrops falling
The sounds that dig deep in my heart
You flow from my tears
You flow down

I will think about you
I can't, my love, I can't forget you, forget you
Even if I'm born in the next world
I will love you then as well

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