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Blue Bears with Taecyeon 2PM Wings English Translation Lyrics

2PM‘s Taecyeon teamed up with his fellow Dangook University alumni students to produce a digital album.

The Business Administration major who is currently in his fourth year at Dangook University participated in producing the ‘Talent Donation’ project album, ‘Blue Bears With Taecyeon‘. Their title song “Wings” was written and composed by Life Music and the Dangook University students, and Taecyeon personally penned the rap lyrics. A re-make of the 90′s classic hit “A Night Like Tonight” was also included in the album, complete with an original rap written by Taecyeon himself. The singer also features in the MV for “Wings”, an original project produced by the students.

Taecyeon along with Yang Ji Hoon & Song Jae Young of Life Music 3, as well as Lee Bong Jin who oversaw the planning and production of the album have plans to donate the profits from this new album to the university.

Taecyeon will be performing the songs for the first time at the matriculation ceremony to take place on February 23rd. Singing live, he will be congratulating his juniors who are starting college for the very first time.

The school will continue to develop the skills and talents of the students, alumni, and the professors in order to put on performances and put together more talent donation projects in the future.

Blue Bears feat Taecyeon 2PM Wings English Translation Lyrics

Time that has passed by in the blinkof an eye

Time for you, which was given to me
It’s gone, everything’s too late now
There’s nothing for me to rely on
Can’t believe my time is over
Thinkin’ back when I hit game over
There ain’t no replay buttons in life
Time that doesn’t stop, that’s life
Open your wings, toughen up
Put aside the trivial thoughts for abit
And fly to the sky
Which way to get ready set go
I don’t stop
From now on, I’m sky high
To the world of fantasy and future
Everybody fly high

*Whenever you’re exhausted, I’ll benext to you (when you’re exhausted)
When you’re not confident, you knowyou know I’m here for you
(You can rely on me now)
Tic toc tic toc, time that passes
A day that passes by so hectic
I wish that you can trust in me yeah

Yeah it’s not over
Let’s start over
And find the life that you deservealright
Here we go

Time that passes and hectic days
What makes me survive these is
Your hand that protects me next to mewith a smile
Your eyes that looks at me and cheersme up
I don’t stop, I now have one goal
To hold your hand and overcome thepain
And fly mightily up to the sky
Things that others say, if I don’teven understand it, what’s the use?
Why don’t they know that our own wayis different from their “ornaments”?
I’ll show you why
I will tell you know how my way isnot that different
I bet everything that I have and timefor you to fly


There is a small beating dream in myheart

** Tic toc tic toc, time that passes
A day that passes by so hectic
I wish that you can trust in me yeah

(I Wish you trust me baby you can flyhigh uh! uh!)


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