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Block B LOL English Translation Lyrics

Block B is back with their 2nd mini album ‘Welcome to the Block‘!

The mini album contains six tracks in all and five of the tracks were produced by Block B themselves. After a quick listen, the track titled “LOL” seems quite fun.


Block B - LOL English Translation Lyrics

“Sound so good” iswhat you will say after this track
The trauma that isexperienced through the audio
At the end, therewill be a quarrelsome controversy
But I won’t fight it
I won’t respond andstay consistent
Ignorint it, nahoona
This cruel world,hyungs tell me
“Take it easy bro”
I say “Yes sir” butI brainstorming non-stop left and right
Bow wow, who willstop my actions, I’m loud mouth
I give off a veteran’svibe at a blooming young age
There is no weekendor holidays, workaholic
My fans convince meto take care of my body, wassup goblin
Yes, I’m a publicfigure, I always smile on TV
But I’m different onbeat, just like Kanghodong while wrestling
I’m full ofBlack-soul, look at my lower lip
It’s natural Botox, Idominate the pop world
I’m freak and I’mgeek yeah
I teach you how toprove
Seniors ask, “Who’sZ?”
Yeah, that’s what’sup

*Why are you guys so shocked?
Is this your first time seeing guyslike us?
You guys love it, I’ll show you, therawness
We are on top freaky deaky monsters

At a party full of losers
We gotta say, LOL (this is fun) LOL

Overflowing idols, their song titlesmake them look like skillful artists
Models that weren’t out before, whatthe..
It’s so cliché to only look good onthe outside
I will show you the difference
I’m petite but not light
I don’t intervene work and privatelife
Phenomenal flow, the obvious weightdifference
Seniority? Experience? Take off thebadge
Welcome to the block 2012
The rap that mesmerized 100 out of 100,in this track
We back! Breakin’ n breakin’ therules
The new album that we released
When you need something fresh, searchfor CO & I, HIP HOP
Yeah black one’s gonna lead you likeBarack Obama
The boring repertory, we can be new
When I look around, there are justminnows other than us


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