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Teen Top -Teen Top English Translation Lyrics

Boy group TEEN TOP return with their second mini-album, ‘It’s‘. Comprised of six tracks, the album was produced by Brave Brothers, who took on not only the production, but writing, composition, and mixing processes as well to ensure its high quality.

Check out some of their tracks below, and don’t forget to support the boys by purchasing their music.

01. “Teen Top”
02. “Going Crazy”
03. “Where’s ma girl”
04. “Girlfriend”

Teen Top - Teen Top English Translation Lyrics

Hey Boys and Girls welcome to the world of T E E N T O P
Yeah, you ready for the hotness
Cause here we are T E E N T O P
We won't stop and we gonna take it to the top
We never stop let's rock we're born to rock TEEN TOP TOP

Don't expect the same thing, don't even compare
Don't be too surprised at our changed images
Do you wanna go crazy after looking at us?
Are you dying to jump up and down?
Who is higher than us?
We're smug - what can we do?

We gonna take you to another level level
Shine like metal metal
Let me up up upgrade you

We gonna take u to another level level
Feel the travel travel
Let me up up upgrade

Bump Bump like crazy Bump Bump your heart
Bump Bump turn up the volume Bump Bump Bump

Bump Bump Brave sound Bump Bump we Teen Top
Bump Bump Stereo Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump

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