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Sweet Sorrow VIVA English Translation Lyrics

Sweet Sorrow VIVA feat Lee Sora English Translation Lyrics

Isn't he such a good person? You keep missing him
You don't want to hang up the phone
That secret playground that's inexplicable -
You've fallen inside

You're wondering why you're like this - wondering if you've gone crazy
But you have no plans on stopping him
Don't worry - it's normal
Just trust your body to the wind and fly to the sky

* That's love, it makes you dream
That's love, it makes you dance
In the end, it's love - this moment when your heart pounds
Is more beautiful than anyone else


Whether it was love at first sight or it was a gradual love
Truthfully, it doesn't matter
That footstep you take with a fluttering heart
Fall into that

All day topsy-turvey, doing this, then that
All day, things are crazy
But don't be scared, it's normal
You're embracing it with your entire body

* repeat


What is this slightly scary feeling?
Just like magic, I can't see anything
(I love you)
You're too thoughtless
(It's alright)
What are you basing your trust on?
What really is love?

That's love, sometimes it scares you
But it's love - you can't stop though it hurts
In the end, it's love - this moment that you are alive
Is more beautiful than anyone else

Love that makes you want, feel and shine
Love, just the way you are

Enjoy love with all your heart
Please don't doubt
Hurry and run to him!


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