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Song Ji Eun (Secret) It's Cold English Translation Lyrics

Song Ji Eun (Secret) It's Cold Take Care Of Us Captain OST Lyrics

When you're in pain from love, tears are the medicine
You have no faults but you keep saying that you're sorry

Don't cry for me
It's alright, I understand it all
You're such a crybaby
How can I let you go if you're so soft?

* My love is so cold
My heart is cold, you can't leave
If the good memories all freeze
And if it can't be erased, if it doesn't melt
What do I do?

Even the sunlight is cold on days without you
Counting with my two hands is not enough for all the things that remind me of you

Don't smile for me
Because I know how hard it is for you
You're such a fool
How can you leave if you're so worried about me?

* repeat

Just turn around and go now
Because if you hesitate, I might hold onto you
Don't even brush past me, don't run into me
Because I might run to you and hug you

I only hope and hope for you
Even if you know my heart, don't come to me
Even if I love you again
Because I might give you pain, I might give you tears
I'm afraid
Your memories are colder

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