Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Siwon (Super Junior) in the Philippines

Super Junior's Siwon visits Philippines!
Siwon is in the Philippines and he confirmed it by his tweets.

On the first day of New Year, Siwon tweeted "On my way to the airport now going to MANILA! A new year new night in the MANILA PHILIPPINES ! Yoohoo! " and attached the photo above and it seems that he's just waiting for his hair to be done. He looks really excited to be in the Philippines again.

However, it was followed by another tweet after few hours.
Siwon wrote "just arrived. whats up manila! still new day here!" and uploaded the photo below

But before January 1 ends in the Philippines, Siwon gave his last greeting for January 1, 2012 and answered the fans question whether he is going to the Philippines for a private vacation or to work..

Siwon tweeted "Everyone I’m in Manila to for an advertisement shooting! It’s still not pass 12AM here so i give a greeting..^^ A lot had happened on 2011, for 2012, stay happy and a happy new year I love you^^!"

When the fans knew that he's coming to the Philippines, the ELFs became wild especially the Filipino ELFs.

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