Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Shut Up! Flower Band (K-Drama 2012)

Korean TV channel tvN has revealed a short preview of the first episode for their upcoming drama series "Shut Up! Flower Band". Featuring the band's members, as well as the school they're going to, the preview reveals hints of the band's status among their fellow students and their fans during gigs.

Affter the release of "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop", more "Flower Boy" themed dramas are in the works. "Shut Up! Flower Band" is the second installment in the planned series of youth-targeted dramas, branded under the "Oh! Boy Project" name. It features Bang Sungjoon, Infinite's L, model Lee Hyunjae, and more. All actors were revealed to take up the roles of rock band members, with Lee Hyunjae being the band's drummer, much to his real life role in rock band MATE. Infinite's L will take on the role as the band's guitarist, while Bang Sungjoon was casted as the vocalist. More cast members are set to be revealed later on.

tvN is set to start airing "Shut Up! Flower Band" on January 30th.

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