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Se7en When I Can’t Sing English Translation Lyrics

Se7en has broken his long hiatus from the Korean music industry with his new mini-album, ‘Se7en‘.

The singer with the killer moves and swoon-worthy voice has returned with six tracks; the main track, “When I Can’t Sing“, is the collaborative work between Se7en and JYP Entertainment‘s J.Y. Park.

01. Somebody Else
02. Angel
03. When I Can't Sing
04. That Person

Se7en When I Can’t Sing English Translation Lyrics

* Even if I lose everything, if my popularity drops
Even if I can't sing, if I get a different job
Will you still be able to love me for who I am?

Do you know that who I am on screen isn't really my everything? (Do you know?)
Do you know that my overflowing confidence makes me even more anxious? (Do you know?)
Standing under the flashing lights, there is a thick shadow behind me

* repeat

You say that you love me but
Am I really who you love? (Am I?)
You say that you fell for me but
Am I really the one who made you fall for me? (Am I?)
When you are in my arms, looking at me
I want to ask you these questions

* repeat

Someday, the day will come (the day will come)
I'll come down from the stage where the cheers have decreased
As my shoulders droop down (shoulders droop down)
My head hung low (even then)
Will you stand by my side?

* repeat

I want to ask you

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