Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Min Miss A Living Like a Fool English Translation Lyrics

Even though Min has had her hands full with miss A's promotions in China, she's still found the time to record a new song for the Bachelor's Vegetable Store' OST.

Titled Living Like a Fool, this soothing ballad adds a new shine to Min's talents. Her breathy vocals and emotive delivery made fans even more impatient for miss A's return.

Min Miss A -  Living Like a Fool  English Translation Lyrics (Bachelor's Vegetable Store OST )

Why do tears keep shedding?
Why am I still the same?
I want to hug you tightly in my heart
But you are far away

* Such a foolish love
I loved like such a fool
I couldn't take a single step forward
And at some point, you were getting far away

Don't go

Even if it flies away in the sky with the wind
My love is still the same
Even if you flicker before my eyes because I miss you
I can't touch you

* repeat

That faint person, that person that I loved
Is only you

I lived like such a fool
I loved like such a fool
My heart hurts so I cry again
I'm a fool that only knows one person, you

The person that I love
If only I can see him in my dreams
I will be okay - even if my heart stops
I love you, till my breath runs out
I will love you

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